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Ishk Par Zor Nahin 17th June 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Ishk Par Zor Nahin 17th June 2021 Episode starts with Ishqi saying Dadi is ready to give her life, but not accept me. She recalls and says Dadi is at some temple. She says there is just one temple around, Dadi would be there. Ahaan asks Dadi to please come back. Kartik says nothing will happen to her, calm down, Dadi overreacts. Ahaan says Dadi will never accept Ishqi. Kartik says you want to live with Ishqi. Ahaan gets Ishqi’s message. He runs. Kartik says we will find Dadi.

Radhika says I don’t care what you feel or Ahaan feel, you have to get married. Riya says its medical complications in my pregnancy. Radhika asks how will Ahaan accept this baby, when you both didn’t come close. Riya says I will lie to him and make him believe that its his child, then Ahaan has to marry me. Radhika asks do you think this story will work. Riya says yes. Sarla comes and says Ahaan’s Dadi has gone somewhere and threatened of committing suicide. Radhika asks her to find Dadi and win Ahaan’s heart. Riya says I have won the game, Ahaan will have to forget Ishqi and come to me, this marriage will happen at any cost. Ishqi comes to the temple and shouts Dadi. She sees Dadi walking in front of a truck. She runs and saves Dadi. Dadi shouts leave me. Ishqi says everyone is worried for me. Dadi says I can’t accept you in the family, did Ahaan think of me, he chose you. Ishqi says fine, we both will go together, tell me how to die.

Dadi asks what nonsense. Ishqi says if you give life because of me, then I will also die. Dadi says you snatched Ahaan from me, why this drama now. Ishqi says don’t let this hatred win in front of love. Dadi says I can’t let my respect get stained, a girl like you snatched my son, why did you come to snatch Ahaan, I will tell Ahaan to choose either you or me. Ishqi says you won’t do this, he will break down. Ahaan comes there. He sees Ishqi begging to Dadi. Ishqi says you hate me, I will leave from Ahaan’s life, don’t ask him to choose either of us, he promised me that he won’t break my trust, if that trust breaks, then he will also break. Dadi asks will you really go away and bear this pain. Ishqi says pain and sorrow are my childhood friends, I lost whoever I loved, I will lose love again. Ahaan looks on. Ishqi says don’t worry, Ahaan and I won’t get together. She cries.

Ahaan goes to them. Ishqi sees him. Naina….plays… Ahaan takes Dadi and leaves. Sonu says Dadi isn’t here. Raj says she will be fine, don’t worry. Riya asks did you get Dadi. She thinks I hope Dadi does something, then it will be easy to blackmail Ahaan. Ahaan gets Dadi. Riya says we were so worried for you, I will go to temple and do special puja for Dadi. She asks Ddi to take rest. Ahaan asks Kartik to make Dadi sit. He goes to manager and asks him to send the doctor for Dadi’s checkup. Riya asks are you sure you are okay. Ahaan says yes. She says you want to give a better future to Ishqi, she did a lot for you, I m with you, I want to forget everything and marry you, everyone wants this, doctor has come, take him to Dadi. Ahaan goes.

Kartik and Ahaan scold Dadi. Dadi stops him. Ahaan says you think you can give your life, then what will I do, I will also die. Chachi says thank God, you found her. Ahaan says I didn’t find her. Kartik asks who found her. Ahaan says you have done it, it was your mistake, what shall I do now. He goes. Dadi cries. Maasi asks did you talk to Ahaan, what did you decide, I know you and Ahaan like each other. Ishqi says his family won’t accept me. Maasi says our families are different because of status. Ishqi thinks. She says you know what I want, but we don’t know its possible or not, leave it on God.

Riya comes to Ishqi. She says Ahaan will return to me, I know its confusion, I will support him, I m not insecure about you and Ahaan, we are glad that you are our friend, Ahaan wants to help you, I will also help you, will you come in my marriage. Ahaan comes and says I need to talk to you. Riya asks him to say. He holds Ishqi’s hand and takes her. Riya gets angry.

Ishqi asks is Dadi fine. He nods. She asks and you. He says me too. She says lie. She holds his face and says your eyes say the truth. He says you understand it. She jokes on him. He asks do you remember. She says I remember everything. He says you don’t remember what you told me at this place. Ishqi says you should be with your family, its right if I go away. Mahiya…plays….


Ishk Par Zor Nahin 18th June 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Ishqi and Ahaan hold hands. Ahaan says I thought just my family can control my heart, I love Ishqi and can never remove her from my heart. Dadi and everyone look on.

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Telecast Date:17th June 2021
Distributed By :Sony Tv And Sony Liv


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