Ishk Par Zor Nahin 16th June 2021 Written Episode Update


Ishk Par Zor Nahin 16th June 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Ishk Par Zor Nahin 16th June 2021 Episode starts with Ahaan stopping Ishqi. Dil ka dariya…plays… She says I will miss the flight. He says let it get missed, I can’t let you get away from me. Kartik looks on. Ahaan says you can’t leave me and go. He gets on knees. He says I know I did too wrong with you, I didn’t trust you, I snatched everything from you, I never confessed my feelings, I just gave you pain, nothing else. She says but your marriage… He says I couldn’t do it, will you marry me, please Ishqi. She also gets on her knees. He requests her. She asks what’s the guarantee that you won’t hurt me again, I will shatter. He says I won’t let you shatter, I promise. She asks how shall I believe you. He says look into my eyes, what do you think, am I saying the truth or lie, I will be incomplete without you, if you go from here, then I can never stay happy. Maasi comes to call Ishqi. Kartik stops her and says please don’t spoil this moment, come. Ahaan says you remember you felt something between us. Ishqi says I don’t remember anything. Ahaan asks will you give me a chance to remind that feeling.

She asks how shall I say yes. He says I understand, I will wait for you, I can’t let you go away from here. He tears the ticket. He says I m sorry Ishqi, its your turn to say. Chachi asks Dadi to have some water. Sarla says Ahaan spilled water on your respect. Radhika asks what will happen of my Riya. Dadi thinks its happening because of Ishqi. Ishqi asks what about Riya. Ahaan says I did wrong with Riya, I can’t marry her when I love you, I can’t cheat Riya, tell me what’s in your heart. Ishqi says we both have different language, how can we be Ishqaan, this will be our couple name. Ahaan smiles. She says nothing is common between us. He says I understand what you feel and what I feel. She says but I make a mistake to choose a wrong guy last time. He says don’t make a mistake to not choose a right guy.

She says I know your family is imp. He says even you love your family, if you can win my heart, then its easy to win my family. Mahiya….plays… He asks Ishqi to say something, what is she thinking. She says I want to work and make my own identity, I can’t just stay as Mrs. Ahaan Veer Malhotra, you won’t stay happy with me. He says I know that you complete my life. Dadi sits in anger. Chachi gets tea for her. She says you know that Ahaan doesn’t do anything without any reason, there would be some reason that he broke this marriage. Dadi says the reason is Ishqi.

Chachi says then let him marry Ishqi, Riya and Ahaan won’t stay happy. Dadi gets angry. Ahaan and Ishqi sit talking. She says you used to hate me and today… He says me and my thinking changed, can’t you believe it, shall I make you believe, look at myself, zoom and see. She says I m already close. He says more close. They get close. His phone rings. He gets Dadi’s call. Dadi says you did what you wanted, now I m going to do what I wanted, stay happy, come to light up my pyre. He worries. She ends call. He calls back. He calls Kartik and asks where is Dadi, she called me and sounded upset, if she does something, then I can’t forgive myself, call the police. Ishqi calls Sonu and asks her to find Dadi. Ahaan says if anything happens to Dadi, then I will also give my life, she is my everything. Ishqi says nothing will happen to Dadi, come. Riya says Ahaan forgot his principles and ran after Ishqi, you found the perfect guy, did you see his values. Radhika says you wanted a rich, stable and handsome guy, you got pregnant already because of your BF. Riya argues.

Ishqi asks Ahaan to go to the resort, she will go somewhere else. Ahaan says keep telling me. Sarla and Ginni ask Raj didn’t Sonu tell him anything. Raj says Ahaan took a big step, I don’t know anything, you are asking me. Sonu comes and says Dadi went somewhere, she threatened Ahaan. Sarla says we will wear white clothes in her funeral. Raj says we will find Dadi. Sonu says thanks for supporting me. Raj says we can’t forget our responsibilities, lets forget whatever happened. Sarla says I don’t know what happened between them. She thinks to find out. She says Dadi won’t give her life, she is playing some game. Everyone looks for Dadi. Ahaan asks why wasn’t Dadi with you. He worries. Ishqi looks for Dadi. She says where did Dadi go, she hates me a lot, she can do anything to stop Ahaan and my union, how will this relation work, Ahaan will break down, I won’t go in that house if their house breaks because of me. Mahiya…plays…


Ishk Par Zor Nahin 17th June 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Ahaan says please come back Dadi. Ishqi reaches the temple. She sees Dadi meeting an accident.

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Telecast Date:16th June 2021
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