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Ishk Par Zor Nahin 10th June 2021 Episode starts with Dadi thinking to send Ishqi away. Riya’s mum scolds her and asks her to do something, instead crying. She says Ishqi will take Ahaan, if a guy leaves you alone, then what will you do, do something. Ishqi gets conscious. She sees Ahaan and says everything is fine. He says no, I didn’t wish Mayank is such. She says then you would not hate me, I didn’t marry that mean guy, Sonu is safe, if that night anything happened with Sonu… Ahaan cries. She asks your tears… He says I fell in my eyesight, you did so much for my family, I used to hate you, why did you tolerate it for my family. Riya comes with everyone. Doctor says Ishqi is out of danger now. Riya says I was so worried, Ishqi, but how did this happen. Ahaan says I will tell you everything later. Maasi asks are you fine Ishqi. Ishqi says yes. Kartik says she is a fighter. Ahaan says doctor said she can go home. Sonu comes and says thank God Ishqi, you are safe. Raj also thanks. Ishqi says I want a promise, you won’t stay upset with Sonu, it was tough for her to stay quiet, but we were scared, don’t get angry on her.

Ahaan thinks even now, she is worried for Sonu. He leaves. Doctor says we have to do some final checkups before discharge. Maasi says we will talk to doctor. Kartik comes to Ahaan. He says its my work to show your mistakes, you are making a mistake and lying, you don’t like Riya, Ishqi is in your heart, the misunderstandings got cleared now, you have to do something, think about it, Ishqi did a lot for your family, why. Dadi says I will get the medicines. Doctor goes. Dadi sees Ishqi and says everyone thanked you, I m left. Ishqi says its not needed. Dadi says its needed, you did a lot for Sonu and us, thanks, why did you do this, you could have told the truth, you would have got praised, then why did you stay quiet. Kartik says it was easy for her to say the truth and save herself, but she didn’t tell anything, she is still worried for us. Ahaan says I will go and see her. Kartik says you know who is in her heart, you don’t see, admit or say. Ishqi says I did this for Sonu, who else. Dadi says we know the truth, you did this for Ahaan.

She asks Ishqi to forget Ahaan, there is no future together. Kartik says future is in your hands, life gave you a second chance, please accept your feelings, else you will sing Channa mereya in your marriage, one gets love with difficulty and one gets a second chance with more difficulty, you are lucky to get both. Dadi asks Ishqi to have water. She says let it be, forget the dreams. Ishqi says no, there is nothing such. Dadi says it shouldn’t be there, you know Riya and Ahaan are getting married, Ahaan can fall for you, I didn’t let him do anything wrong, its good that you leave, take your Maasi along and go away from us. Dadi says you have to go, don’t even think of staying here. She goes. Kartik says if Ishqi goes, then you won’t get a third chance. He goes. Ahaan thinks. Ishqi cries and thinks Dadi wants me to go, but how can I go till I get another job. Riya comes there. She says I hope you are feeling better, I got to know what happened, I m really sorry, did you think what you would do, when everything got cleared, then you can do a better job. Ishqi says I have to get a new job. Riya says sorry, Ahaan and I are getting married, he did wrong with you, I m sorry from his side. Ishqi says its not your mistake.

Riya says I want to help you, my dad can give you a job in Singapore, you will get a good package, you can get away from Ahaan and this family, I have mailed you the details, check once. She says we think its the best for us. Ishqi says if you have a problem because of me… Riya says no, you had a problem because of Ahaan, he did wrong with you, I couldn’t stop him, Ahaan and I are in guilt, we want to help you, Ahaan and I want you to accept this job offer, please think about it. She leaves. Ishqi thinks even Ahaan wants this. Sarla talks to Riya’s mum Radhika. She asks Radhika to put pressure on Ahaan. Radhika says Ahaan can feel bad. Sarla says you should rush the marriage. Ginni says they are asking for time, its because of Ishqi. Radhika says we should talk to Ahaan. Mehta says it will look bad if we talk. Sarla says I can talk to them and get the marriage fixed. Ginni jokes. Sarla says you announce the marriage and then relax. Radhika says we can at least do this. Sarla says its called Sarla effect. Ginni says yes.

Sonu says sorry Raj, you are much upset. Raj says I will find out Mayank, police will find him if I file a case on him, I m angry, you have hidden such a big thing from me, you didn’t tell the family, but you could have told me, is our relation so shallow, Ishqi will get justice and Mayank will get punished. Dadi comes and says you don’t have to tell this, else Sonu will be punished by the people’s blames, if Sarla knows this, then she will throw out Sarla, promise me, you won’t say anything. Raj says fine, I promise, I won’t say anything. Ishqi gets dizzy. Ahaan holds her. Maasi thanks him. Ahaan says its okay, whatever she did for me, my family, this is nothing. Ishqi says thanks, sorry if you had any problem because of me. She leaves.


Ishk Par Zor Nahin 11th June 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Ishqi thinks Ahaan wants me to go. Riya asks Ahaan to announce the marriage. She says Ishqi accepted the job, tell me now, will you announce the marriage or not. Ahaan goes to Ishqi.

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Telecast Date:10th June 2021
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