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Indiawaali Maa Mein 9th September 2020 Kaku reaches Chinu’s parent’s house. She greets Vasundhara/Vasu Onakkam saying she learnt it. Vasu replied namaskaram and scolds servant to prepare pooris for saheb soon. Chinu’s sister Meenamma/Meenu greets Kaku and asks if she is Rohan’s mother. Kaku says yes. Meenu tries to pick choc, but Vasu scolds and stops her. Meenu says amma considers her as burden and doesn’t want her to become more fat. Kaku says her mother is worried for her. She tells Vasu that her house is very nice, she never saw such a big house in life. Vasu in Kannada murmurs that she will never see such a lavish house in life and continues. Meenu tries to leave, but Vasu stops her.

Meenu says she doesn’t want to be a translator and asks her to converse in Hindi and walks away. Kaku praises Vasu’s discipline. Vasu scolds servant to keep yellow flowers instead of red in vase as yellow is auspicious today. Kaku says she will give her more auspicious news and informs that Chinu is pregnant. She tries to feed sweets, but Vasu stops her and says Rohan and Chinu are in a live-in relationship. Kaku asks what is that. Vasu explains that Rohan and Chinu are not yet married and pregnancy is not a good news. She blames that Kaku, Hassu, and Rohan planned to trap Chinu for her wealth, etc. Kaku stands shocked. V asu continues blaming. Kaku leaves. She goes and sits in a park bench and reminisces Rohan discussing his college friend is very rich and lives a lavish life, even he dreams of a rich and lavish life, etc.. Out of flashback, she sees kids playing and offers them snacks.

Kaku returns home. Rohan asks why did she go to Chinu’s parents’ house without informing him and informed them about Chinu’s pregnancy. She asks why didn’t he inform her that he and Chinu are in a live-in relationship. Rohan says she would have reacted similarly if he had informed her earlier. She says if they love each other, why didn’t they marry yet. Chinu walks to them saying she loves Rohan a lot, but she doesn’t want Kaku to interfere between their lives. Kaku says life changes after a child enters their lives, so they have to take a decision and cannot live like this. Rohan says Chinu’s father hates him as he is poor, he wants to earn and become rich like Chinu’s father to meet his status, for that he will do anything. Kaku tries her best to explain them, but they both get adamant and warn her repeatedly to stop interfering in their lives.

Rohan consoles Chinu and says it is his mistake. She says they messed it up together. He says he will fix everything right and will work really hard, etc. Their discussion and romantic chat continues.

At night, Hassu calls Kaku and jokes that neighbor lady is eyeing on him. She says she doesn’t care as nobody can love him more than her. He says she is right. She says she married him as she loves him, then Rohan came in their lives, etc., what if they had not married, will they be together even then. Hassu says love is necessary for marriage, but marriage is not necessary for love, he would be with her with or without marriage. Kaku sees Chinu and Rohan’s bonding and thinks she will explain them that love is important for them, but their marriage is more important for their child.


Indiawaali Maa Mein 10th September 2020 Written Episode Update Precap :Chinu calls Rohan that already there are lots of fights at appa’s house, now one started at their house. Rohan asks if Kaku fought with her. Chinu leaves house while Kaku requests to stay at least till Rohan returns. Rohan returns and asks Kaku to stay away from his and Chinu’s lives or go away from here.

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Telecast Date:9th September 2020
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