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Indiawaali Maa Mein 8th September 2020 Kaku waits for Rohan and Chinu near apartment’s security room. Watchman says kids now a days don’t respect their parents, they party at home during day and in hotels at night. Kaku asks to look at himself before commenting on Rohan, he is fooling his wife and girlfriend both, he himself is wrong. Watchman says he has 2 wives and one son, he worked hard whole day and night and sent his son abroad for higher studies, but he got mesmerized with outer world that he never returned; it is better to stay alone hoping to meet dear ones that staying with dear ones and feeling alone. Rohan calls her and informs that Chinu fell unconscious, so he rushed Chinu to hospital without informing her. She asks which hospital, she will come right now. Rohan says Belagavi Hospital. Kaku asks watchman to get her an auto. He gets auto and warning driver to take amma straight to hospital takes auto’s photo as a precautionary measure.

Kaku reaches hospital and consoles tensed Rohan. Receptionist calls them and asks to fill form and pay bill. Kaku tries to pay bill, but Rohan returns and takes form. Receptionist asks her to pay 75000 rs first. Rohan gives his card which fails. He gives another card and asks to take 50000 rs, he will pay 25000 rs during discharge. Receptionist insists to pay right now. He shouts that he is not running away. Doctor calls them in and informs that Chinu is fine now and she is pregnant. Kaku gets very happy and says she will inform Hassu right now. She goes out and calls Hassu, but he is sound asleep. She thinks its already 12:30 midnight, so she will give him good news in the morning. She returns to Rohan and Chinu and congrulating them says Chinu will experience the most unique feeling of her life. Chinu says their business has not taken off yet and they are under financial crisis, she messed it up, how will they upbring her child the way they like. Rohan consoles her.

At Chinu’s house, her mother Vasundhara performs pooja in the morning and walking to her younger daughter who is playing game on TV asks her to start dance practice, else she knows her father’s anger if he sees her playing. Daughter says still 5 minutes are left. Father walks down and first prays at home temple and then meeting his assistants briefs them about today’s schedule. He then walks to wife and daughter and smiles at them seeing daughter performing Bharatanatyam.

He then sits for breakfast and orders wife to put idli and chutney on plantain leaf plate. Vasundhara nervously pours chutney. He tastes and asks who prepared it. She nervously afraid says she prepared it. He asks why is tghe taste different. She says maybe idli is not steamed properly and serves different idli. He tastes it and continues. She relaxes.

Kaku serves toast and juice to Chinu and stops her from having coffee saying an expecting mother shouldn’t have coffee as it is bad for her health. She herself sips coffee and asks if she informed her parents about her pregnancy. Chinu says not yet and walks to her room. Kaku reminisces Chinu fuming over phone and saying that she doesn’t consider her stepmother as mother, etc. Chinu’s father asks Vasundhara/Vasu if she called Rohan’s mother. She nervously says not yet as her phone was not reachable. He orders her to call right now and speak. She calls Kaku and introduces herself as Chinu’s mother Vasundhara. Kaku greets her back as samhdhanji and says even she wanted to talk to her. Vasu invites her home and asks not to inform Chinu about it. Kaku agrees. Chinu’s father fumes that Chinu is stubborn like him, but is emotional fool, Rohan fooled her and married her, she should ask Rohan’s mother to take away Rohan from Chinu’s life, etc. Vasu says Chinu and Rohan love each other, it is difficult to separate them. He asks he married her to take care of her 2 daughters, she should call Rohan’s mother and send him with his mother, he wants Rohan out of Chinu’s life.


Indiawaali Maa Mein 9th September 2020 Written Episode Update Precap :Kaku informs Vasundhara that her daughter is becoming mother and tries to feed her sweets. Vasundhara informs that Rohan and Chinu are not married and are in live-in relationship. Kaku stands shocked.

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Telecast Date:8th September 2020
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