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Indiawaali Maa Mein 8th January 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Indiawaali Maa Mein 8th January 2021 episode starts with Kaku crying in the office. Hasmukh tells Kaku their tickets are confirmed, let us go. Kaku walks out of office with Hasmukh. Cheenu runs behind them, she requests them not to leave and hugs Kaku and then Hasmukh. Hasmukh consoles Cheenu, kiss her forehead and leaves.

Mr. Murti comes to console Rohan and hugs him. Cheenu was shocked to see this.

Cheenu returns to her apartment building and inquires about Kaku and Hasmukh. He says they did not come here.
Kaku and Hasmukh were walking on the streets with their luggage. Hasmukh loses his balance and felt tired. Kaku gets a call from Cheenu. Cheenu asks Kaku where she is. Kaku says they are headed towards railway station.

Mr. Murti brings Rohan a glass of water and consoles him, saying every person goes through a phase in life when he has to take a stand for himself and leave his parents. When he was young, even his father did not trust him. He wanted him to become a medical representative, but he wanted to do business. He believed there is risk in business, but money is earned only when you take risk. He says he sees his young self in Rohan, he is never afraid of taking any step.

Cheenu speaks to Kaku that it has been after all her sacrifices that Rohan accomplished his project, and cleared his loan as well. Kaku tells Cheenu and Rohan to find new ways for them now. Now, they have to move ahead, while she and Hasmukh are going back to their lives. She invites Cheenu to her home. Cheenu asks Kaku if she can do something, to relieve her pain. Kaku demands her to go back to her parent’s house, it is not safe to live alone in a flat. Hasmukh agrees. She says parent’s biggest agony is that their children are away. Cheenu agrees.

Kaku hires an auto rickshaw.

Mr. Murti tells Rohan not to live in the past. With his success, he can prove his worth to his parents. He, Rohan and Cheenu will take this business to greater success. Cheenu comes to office that she is leaving for Delhi, she has a job interview. Mr. Murti says they do not need her at all. Rohan convince Cheenu they are partners. Cheenu says she can never team up with cheaters. He tells her to mind her language, but Cheenu says she can never mind her language with Rohan at least. She turns to leave. Mr. Murti follows her outside to stop her. Cheenu says his game plans cannot work on her at least. He got Rohan’s weakness, he is in an urge to get success, money and everything. But he is not as considerate as Rohan’s parents. Kaku and Hasmukh took a promise from her to return home, only for him and Vasu. She leaves.

At night, Kaku and Hasmukh sat at a tea stall on train station, both silent and lost. At the stall, a young man comes to take care of his father’s stall and sends him home for rest. Both turn their faces, deliberately trying to avoid hurting themselves more. Hasmukh orders a special tea for a failed father. Kaku reminds Hasmukh he used to say that one day a young bird flies off the nest; he was right. Now, they will live alone in their nest. She foresee a lot of work back at home. She was determined to live for herself now, she will be fit, take care of her health and enroll in yoga classes. Both cry silently. Kaku requests Hasmukh to at least say something. When Rohan was in US, they used to wait for his call. They will still wait, as now Rohan will be busier.

Kaku comes to a cab and hires the driver for City station. She requests the driver to help them with the luggage. The driver says he is not a coolie and this is a rental car. He has to return it timely. Kaku holds the bag and hurts her knee. On their way, the driver hears Kaku utter they will be late for Gujrat and says none of the trains for Gujrat go from this station. Kaku realizes she had hired for City Station, and not SBC. The driver keep their luggage on the road. Kaku turns to look for another cab. Hasmukh was distressed by Rohan’s behavior and falls on the floor.


Indiawaali Maa Mein 9th January 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Kaku tries to request help. She calls Rohan but he turns over his phone to ignore her call. Kaku screams, Hassuuu!!!

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Telecast Date:8th January 2021
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