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Indiawaali Maa Mein 5th January 2021 Rohan remembers how Batuklal Ji aka Hasmukh has been a part of their project. Cheenu and Rohan had moved to the edge of ramp. Cheenu makes a speech, and thanks everyone specially Kaushalia Gadhvi for her efforts in the project. She forces Rohan to say something as well. Rohan speaks he awaited the day but got more than what he thought. Their Santa Clause Batuklal Ji narrated a story, and likewise he would like to narrate a story. He says there was a nest of sparrows inhabited by a couple of sparrows, they gave birth to a baby sparrow and taught her all life skills. When the little sparrow was ready to take a flight, her father degraded her at once saying she is good for nothing. Her failures continued, and father degraded every time. The little sparrow longed for her father’s confidence. Before the little sparrow could finally succeed after all the effort, father was there to take credit of her success; proving once again that the baby sparrow has been useless. Cheenu takes the mic and continues that the basic theme of their maternity line project was that fathers must equally enjoy the happiness associated with a to-be born child. Rohan leaves the stage. Kaku tries to stop him but he walks away. Cheenu also walks off the stage, looking for Rohan.

Meenu comes to the corridor and makes a call. She introduces herself as Mr. Moti’s younger daughter and plans a meet up.
In the changing room, Rohan was furious. He forbids Kaku to even walk a single step forward. He questions why his father did not share with them about his presence in the city. Hasmukh comes with Cheenu. He tells Rohan they intended to tell him. Rohan misunderstands that his plan to degrade him would have failed otherwise. Cheenu asks Rohan why he is behaving like this. Rohan tells her to stay out of this, he has always degraded him. He never gave him the courage to stand on his own feet. No matter he hadn’t earned the first place, but the second or third place must have been his own earned. Kaku convinces Rohan that Hasmukh only supported him, his hard work is his hard earned. Parents favor their children at every stage, but it is their responsibility and they forget. He is misunderstanding his father. Rohan counters that Hasmukh always misunderstands him. He joins his hands to Hasmukh to stay out of his matters now. Kaku scolds him for misbehaving with his father; parents must be respected at every stage of life. It is always important for children to respect their parents and take their advice. Hasmukh leaves. Kaku holds Rohan’s hand for a while, then angrily leaves it and follow Hasmukh outside the changing room.

Hasmukh stood beside a window in the corridor. Kaku comes to him. Hasmukh says Kaku was right. Parents must never count their love and efforts for their children. How much they will count, their nightlong lullabies, or mortgaging their house to send him abroad. They never counted whatever they did for their child. Kaku takes him to sit. Hasmukh recalls when Rohan was taking his initial steps, and when he lost his balance they did not let him fall. He remains the same father; nothing is changed. He could not understand that parents lose the right to support their children when they are grown up.

Meenu comes to meet Sagar. He greets her. She requests his help to downgrade Rohan, as he did earlier. He says Cheenu is in news these days. Meenu says if their partnership continues, Cheenu and Rohan will get more projects together and will fall in love again. And if this happens, Cheenu will get her dream life. She can’t let this happen.

Rohan was angry and blames Cheenu for hiding about Batuklal Ji. Cheenu tries to explain she also found out some hours ago, and couldn’t get time to tell him. He warns her to stay out of it now.


Indiawaali Maa Mein 6th January 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :The investor asks Rohan and Cheenu if their chief designer Mr. Kaushalia and advisor Batuklal Ji didn’t come. There, Kaku opens the door and finds Hasmukh outside. He asks her to pack her bags, they are leaving.

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Telecast Date:5th January 2021
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