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Indiawaali Maa Mein 31st December 2020 Meenu interferes Cheenu and Rohan’s intimacy and asks him to give her some work. Rohan tells Meenu to check the list of raw material, and cross check the costing as well. She may consult him whenever needed and feed the information on computer as well. Cheenu objects that it is a big responsibility. Meenu asks if she won’t let her grow even here. Soon they all hear emergency alarm and runs outside, Balvinder Ji says it might be some cigarette smoke. Cheenu gets a call from Hasmukh, who guesses she was out of breath. She tells him about fire alarm and tension because raw material is in the office. Hasmukh tells Cheenu a rule of business, always keep raw and final products separate from each other. In case of a mishap, at least the other portion is safe. Cheenu thanks Batuklal for advice, and speaks to Rohan to keep the raw material in a ware house. Rohan says the warehouse will cost them a rent and transportation. And this building is insured, and has all the precautions. He tells Kaku he read all the instructions of office maintenance and safety precautions. He does not want to follow the path of his father, and Batuklal Ji; they do not have an experience of maintain corporate offices.

Balvinder Ji brings chemical for cleaning of office place. He goes to keep the bottles in store room. Rohan calls him outside and lend him responsibility of refreshment, and dinner. Cheenu takes her team to conference room. Cheenu scolds Keti for not being creative with their basic theme. Keti argues that their models will wear fake baby bump for maternity line project; it can be rubbish for Cheenu but for her it is the best. Meenu sarcastically says the idea could be best if it was from Cheenu. Cheenu asks Meenu if she joined office to taunt her, can she present an idea. Rohan signals Meenu not to argue anymore. Kaku gets an idea. She takes the ladies along to bring her new idea. The girls come with a fake baby bump of varying sizes. She says in the beginning, they will present third trimester, then second trimester and then the last trimester. And the girls will not walk alone, but will do it in pairs. This will signify the importance of to-be father as well. Kaku remembers the time she was expecting Rohan, had vomiting, fluctuating BP and cravings; but Hasu stayed besides her all along the journey. Rohan approves of the idea. Cheenu tells Keti this is what she was talking about. Keti was angry and leaves the conference room.

Cheenu cries silently. Rohan returns to conference room for a file and finds her upset. She tries to hide her tears and removes the fake baby bump. Rohan soothes her by closely holding her hand. They remember their dreams of having a baby in US. He was eager to be the best father. Rohan wipes Cheenu’s tears, then his own. Outside the conference room, Meenu watches this from outside.

Kaku speaks to Hasmukh on call that his idea is working great. Rohan and Cheenu held hands with each other today. Hasmukh tells Kaku he is waiting for her outside. Kaku warns that Rohan and Cheenu are about to leave, afterwards he can come to office. Cheenu hears the conversation and wonders what Kaku’s husband is doing in Bangalore.

In the office, Kaku sets the dummy and asks Meenu to place it in the store room. Meenu obliges and carries the dummy to store room. The chemical bottles left open on the store room floor spills over. Meenu does not pay any heed and the chemical’s fume spread across the store room. Kaku hears a burning smell, and fire alarm also rings. Kaku calls Rohan and Cheenu, as it was fire in the store room. She jumps into the store room. Inside, Kaku finds the chemical bottles spilt on the floor. She decides to carry the boxes outside.

Outside near the car, Cheenu tells Rohan she forgot something in the office and goes back in. In the store room, Kaku suffocated because of chemical inhalation. Hasmukh runs into the store room and helps her outside. He gives her a glass of water. Cheenu comes to the office and finds the peculiar environment inside. Kaku tells Hasmukh to go away, Rohan and Cheenu might be here anytime. Cheenu hides in the office. Kaku tells Hasmukh to leave before someone hears about it. Balvinder thanks Hasmukh as Batuklal. Hasmukh unwillingly leaves the office.


Indiawaali Maa Mein 1st January 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Kaku cheers with Cheenu and Rohan that their hardwork paid off. in the office, Cheenu speaks to Kaku it was strange how Batuklal Ji saved her. Kaku says he is a nice man, and would have saved anyone. Cheenu asks if there is something else that she does not want to share.

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Telecast Date:31st December 2020
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