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Indiawaali Maa Mein 30th December 2020 Outside the office, Kaku hires an auto for Classic apartments. Cheenu hires another auto and follows Kaku. Hasmukh tells Kaku Cheenu cannot reach this place. He demands Kaku the gift. Hasmukh decides to order Chilli Milli Dosa. Kaku loves the taste. Cheenu follows Kaku and spots Hasmukh and Kaku together on a dosa stall. She calls Kaku asking if she is nearby the office, she has to show the designs. Kaku says she is on the vegetable stall, buying vegetables near her house. Cheenu tells the auto driver to take a U-turn from the road. She reaches the stall but Hasmukh and Kaku were long gone. Cheenu reaches home.

Hasmukh was at home, sipping tea when Cheenu reach home. He shows her the dosa he made for her. She says it tastes just like market’s dosa, tasty. Hasmukh asserts that he made it himself. Cheenu stands up, saying she said it is really tasty. She comes to her room to freshen up and was thoughtful why Hasmukh and Kaku are lying.

At home, Kaku had indigestion and acidity. Rohan brings her medicine and inquires why she ate outside. She says Chandrama took her forcefully to have dosa. Rohan gets a call from Cheenu who invites him to meet in the office. Rohan says Kaku is unwell, and has indigestion. She tells him to give medicine to Kaku and come to office. Outside in lounge, Hasmukh also had indigestion. She gives medicine to Hasmukh and leaves. Hasmukh calls Kaku and both share their ill health.

In the office, Cheenu comes to Rohan. She says it is not any business emergency, but it is important and she felt he must know. She asks him to sit. She brings a cup and saucer and says if one of the two breaks, they replace the broken piece to recreate the set. Rohan asks her to be clear in what she is saying. He touches her forehead, and tells her to take rest. He turns around. Cheenu says his mother is the plate, and Batuklal Ji is the cup. Rohan was taken aback. Cheenu says she saw Kaku and Batuklal Ji together. Rohan holds his emotions back and forbids her to talk ill of his mother. Cheenu says he knows Batuklal Ji who is a very decent man, similarly Kaku is alone and needs a companion. She asks Rohan what Kaku had which caused indigestion. Rohan replies dosa. Cheenu says she and Batuklal had dosa of Tasty Dosa Corner. Rohan did not want to hear this and leaves the office.

Rohan comes out and calls Hasmukh. He inquires how he is. Hasmukh was doubtful why he had called. Rohan asks if the cup and plate set at home is fine. Hasmukh says yes, it is. Rohan asks Hasmukh if he had a fight with mother. Hasmukh says the set is same. Rohan cuts the call.

At home, Kaku asks Rohan if everything is fine. She finds him lost in deep thought. He asks Kaku if she knows Batuklal Ji, the PG at Cheenu’s house. Kaku was taken aback. Rohan says it is not safe to keep anyone. Kaku says Chandrama must know him well, and she is sure he is a decent man. Kaku says she is happy he still cares for Cheenu. Rohan says when you love someone you care for them, like she cares for his papa. He goes to speak.

In the room, Kaku gets a call from Hasmukh. Hasmukh discusses with Kaku about Rohan’s strange call about the cup and saucer. Kaku tells Hasmukh about the strange talk she just had with Rohan. Hasmukh asks what if he had gone crazy after work. Hasmukh says he served dosa for Cheenu. She said it was from outside, and is tasty as well; it felt she knew it was from Tasty Corner. Kaku says Cheenu called Rohan. She must have seen them at the Dosa Corner. Everyone calls them Kaku-Hasmukh as cup-plate pair. Hasmukh laughs that they will enjoy this misunderstanding. Their children will rediscover their lost love, while discovering about Kaku-Batuklal link.

The next morning, Cheenu comes to office. She asks Rohan if he spoke to Kaku about Batuklal Ji. Rohan scolds her that she is crazy, it must be her nightmare and there is nothing like that. Kaku comes to the office, and asks if it is something personal? Should she leave? Both reply yes together. Kaku goes out for work. Outside the office, Kaku says they can speak about Kaku and Batuklal’s love story now. Cheenu recalls now she understands how that land lord must have felt, whom we told weren’t lovers and just friends. Rohan remembers the time he came inside and they were too close. Kaku and Meenu watch them stand close to each other reminiscing their past


Indiawaali Maa Mein 31st December 2020 Written Episode Update Precap : Cheenu and Kaku disagrees on Rohan’s idea to use office as godown. An oil bottle spills in the store room, by a careless worker.

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Telecast Date:30th December 2020
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