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Indiawaali Maa Mein 1st January 2021 Rohan checked the CCTV of store room. Meenu questions why they are all staring at her, she is this company’s owner’s daughter. Cheenu scolds Meenu for her attitude. She must apologize, instead of showing such tantrums. Kaku calms Cheenu down and takes her aside, makes her breathe heavily. Both reassure themselves that everything is fine. Cheenu asks Kaku if it wasn’t strange how Batuklal Ji saved her. Kaku says he is a nice man, would have done the same for anyone else. Cheenu asks if he is only a nice man, or there is something else she doesn’t want to share. Kaku asks what else it can be.

In the office, Rohan presents Meenu the water bottle. He says it was her mistake. Meenu complains that Cheenu is scolding her for being useless. Rohan says she needs to work hard and write off this tag from her name. He is doing the same, because his father thinks he is good to nothing. He leaves. Meenu reschedules the dummy from 5pm to 7pm. She says she will see how Chinamma’s event gets successful.

Cheenu calls Hasmukh and requests him to come to venue. She feels unwell and has a show as well. She smiles that today will be the best show.

Everyone from the team works hard. Kaku feels anxiety for the grand event. She says she never thought they will do all this for a company, although she saw such grandeur of events on media. She says it is their hard work which brought them here. She, Rohan and Cheenu hold hand together.

Neil discusses with Meenu that they do not of time. She must take care of model dresses, while he will look after the dummies. Meenu gives him the responsibility of model dresses, while she decides to call the agencies for dummies.
Hasmukh reaches the venue and looks for Cheenu. He asks Cheenu if she is unwell, he was concerned and promises to get her medicine. She asks if he has any medicine to bring the truth out, Hasmukh Gadhvi Ji. He tries to leave but Cheenu holds his hand. She says he could also be Batuklal, who has an affair with Kaku. Hasmukh says Kaku can never cheat him. She holds Hasmukh’s hand and asks why he is doing so. Rohan comes from the other side. Hasmukh rushes her in a room. She asks why he is hiding from Rohan. Hasmukh says Rohan does not want to see his face, he knows this well. The fault is not Rohan’s only. Every father wants to see a son obey him. He always held Rohan’s hand and guided him through his experience. He never realized when Rohan pulled his hand off, and started walking independently. When Rohan was stuck in the wrong business, and misbehaved with Kaku in Bangalore and broke up with Cheenu; it was then that Kaku made him realize his worth as a father in Rohan’s life. Kaku believed that a beautiful relationship of Cheenu and Rohan must not come to an end, merely because of a misunderstanding. Cheenu was emotional that he and Kaku did a lot for them. She thanks him and realizes thankyou was a little word for her expression, she wonders if she should laugh, cry or… She asks why they are living separately in the same city. Hasmukh wipes Cheenu’s tears and says Rohan wanted to do something on his own. He did not want to interfere. He takes her promise not to share this with either Rohan, or Kaku. For the first, Kaku is not being sandwiched between a husband and a son, and is happy. Cheenu conditions him to remain on the venue for their show. Hasmukh agrees and leaves the room.

Neil asks Meenu about the models. Meenu says they must be here any moment.

Kaku comes to Cheenu and was very excited. She says she is on seventh sky. It is her son’s new beginning. If Rohan’s father was here today, he must have been even prouder. Cheenu was lost in a deep thought. She asks Kaku what if someone has helped you, what we can do in return. Kaku says the help is precious, still we can fulfil one of their dreams in return. Cheenu says she understood; to bring both back. She looks towards Rohan and smiles.

In the corridor, Kaku calls Hasmukh and shares her worry and anxiety. She wish Hasmukh was here as well. Hasmukh asks her to turn around and smiles at her. Kaku cheers as he stood in the corridor. He says he could not miss this chance. Kaku was sure everything will be fine now.

Cheenu comes to Rohan. Rohan compliments that it all looks beautiful. Cheenu offers a cheers for their partnership. Rohan apologizes Cheenu for any lame or wrong words. He was sorry for their baby as well.


Indiawaali Maa Mein 2nd January 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Cheenu asks Rohan to hug any opportunity that is coming to him. Rohan was shocked to see Hasmukh walk the ramp as show stopper.

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Telecast Date:1st January 2021
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