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Indiawaali Maa Mein 12th January 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Indiawaali Maa Mein 12th January 2021 Kaku advices the nurse that whenever she marries and have children, she must never lose her sanity for the sake of her children. She says women leave all the decisions of life over men, but when you are all alone then you realize your bad luck. The nurse requests Kaku to arrange the money. Hospitals are for the sake of patient’s care, but their money has to be paid. Kaku gets a call from Chandraprabha. Chandraprabha says she discovered today that Rohan’s loan has been cleared. Kaku cries aloud and says she and Hasmukh are in hospital.

Cheenu was in an interview. Her designs were liked by the interviewing panel. They offer her internship in Paris and then job in New York. If her parents will have an objection? Cheenu thinks of Kaku and Hasmukh’s encouragement and replies there is no objection. She was presented the offer letter.

In the hospital, Kaku sat with Chandraprabha. Chandraprabha says Rohan turned out to be a thankless son. Kaku says it is parent’s mistake, they value children so much that their children forget their worth. Chandraprabha asks Kaku if they will now live with Rohan. Kaku was angry and did not want to see his face. She tells Chandraprabha she asked her friend to sell her jewelry. She needs a bank account of reliable person for transfer of money. Chandraprabha any type of help. Kaku requests her to arrange a small house for them. She will have to stay here for a few days until Hasmukh has his follow ups after hospital discharge. She cries that they are all alone, and in Bujh, their shop and house both are mortgaged. How they will survive now.

At Mr. Murti’s house Rohan sat with him. Mr. Murti was happy that Rohan completed his MBA. Rohan smiles that finally he completed his last course. Mr. Murti promises another project to Rohan. Rohan was thankful and vows not to disappoint him. He wish everyone who left soon joined them. Vasu brings to Mr. Murti the news of a proposal for Meenu, it is from one of her cousins in California and the guy is well settled. She wish that Rohan and Cheenu also forget their differences, and both their daughters settle.

Kaku was sitting with Hasmukh in the hospital. She gets a call from Cheenu. Cheenu was happy and says she got the internship in Paris. She is leaving after a month. She says she has given her flat owner the notice of one month. She is going back to her father’s house, as per her promise to Kaku. She inquires about Hasmukh. Kaku spots Hasmukh open his eyes and whispers to Cheenu she will speak later. Hasmukh weakly holds Kaku’s hand and asks where they are. Kaku says he felt dizzy and is unwell, they are in hospital. Hasmukh asks where they got the money. She says Chandraprabha sent the money. Hasmukh wanted to leave the hospital and asks to return the money of Chandraprabha. Kaku agrees. She says they will have to listen to the doctor for a while. The nurse says they can discharge their patient. Hasmukh wanted to leave. Kaku says they will have to live in this city for a few months to recover and follow up on his health. She gets a message from Chandraprabha and says it seems she found a house for them. She goes to check the house, and asks Hasmukh to take rest.

It was night. Chandraprabha says her friend sent the money. She paid the hospital bill. Now, 50 thousand are left. Kaku says her estimation says forty thousand must be left. Chandraprabha says what if her friend sent ten thousand more. Kaku was thankful for her friend. She requests her not to mention in front of Hasmukh that she sold her jewellry. He will take a lot of tension. She leads her to their new house. Kaku felt bad about the condition of her new abode.


Indiawaali Maa Mein 13th January 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Kaku and Hasu come to Anand Nagar Welfare society as tenants. Mr. Murti tells Rohan that they have to take over this land of Anand Nagar Society and destroy it for their new project.

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