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Indiawaali Maa Mein 11th January 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Indiawaali Maa Mein 11th January 2021 Kaku turns around and finds Hasmukh unconsciously lying on the floor. She screams, Hassuuu!!!!

There, Rohan was waiting in the parking lot. Mr. Murti’s car stops by and offers to take Rohan to a high profile meeting. It will create business opportunities and elevate his social circle. Rohan gets in the car with him.
Kaku screams for help around.

Cheenu opens the door of her apartment. Vasu stood outside and asks why she has to leave for Delhi when they own a business of their own. She convince Cheenu to come back home.

Mr. Murti introduce Rohan in the meeting.

Cheenu asks Vasu she claims Abba is worried for her, this is so unlike Abba. She says a real father can be defined by Hasmukh. He lent her all the love and trust, and selfless support. She could never get this from her real father. She turns to leave with her luggage, while Vasu stops her.

Rohan joins the meeting. Kaku was trying his number but he silences the phone and turns it down. Kaku was crying.

Cheenu was upset while in the car. She gets a call from Vasu and turns the phone off. Kaku tries Cheenu’s number but the phone was powered off. Kaku now runs for help on the nearby street, she rubs Hasmukh’s hands and feet and wake a street hawker sleeping nearby. Kaku was in a state of panic. The men call the doctor and she takes Hasmukh to hospital. Hasmukh was taken into emergency treatment room. She tells the doctor about his state. She prays for Hasmukh’s recovery. After a while, the doctor tells Kaku her doctor underwent a stroke and is critical. A nurse comes to take her consent while she was in a state of trauma.

Rohan was in a meeting with Mr. Murti. He checks his phone for Kaku’s call. Mr. Murti allows him to take it. Rohan calls Kaku. He says I am sorry, I was in a high profile business meeting. This will increase his contacts. She must clarify to Papa he is mistaken about his irresponsibility, he will prove himself now. He turns back for meeting, and tells Kaku to call him when reached. Kaku does not speak a single word. The nurse brings Hasmukh’s clothes. Kaku finds the cheque Rohan gave him. The nurse asks Kaku if they have children. Kaku replies she has no child. She tells the nurse she will take care of this on her own. Kaku comes to receptionist and requests her help in filling and signing the consent form. The receptionist demands 1 lac and 45 thousand. She says it will take her sometime to arrange for money. They belong to another city, and requests some time. The receptionist says she will speak to her senior, and tells Kaku about the account number in which money has to be deposited. Kaku holds the cheque tightly.

In the room, Hasmukh was asleep when Kaku comes in. She sits with him and asks why he is playing this sick game; he likes cricket and these are initial test matches. Now only two of them are left in team, and final match is away.

Kaku calls a man and asks for some financial help, she needs money in a bank account. The man says he has no money, he is preparing for his son’s wedding. She tells him to mortgage the shop. The man says Hasmukh started sending money to Bangkok and paid second fee of Rohan’s MBA through mortgage of shop. Now, house and shop are both mortgage. He says Hasmukh mentioned Rohan’s business is indebted; once his business is settled he will pay the debt over the shop. After the call, the nurse tells Kaku the payment is needed urgently. Kaku cries hard in front of the nurse and says she has no money right now, but an advice. Whenever she marries, she shouldn’t lose her brains behind her children.


Indiawaali Maa Mein 12th January 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Kaku was tensed in front of Chandraprabha that she is lonely today. Cheenu calls Kaku that she got an internship in Paris, she wanted to speak to her Hasmukh-Batuk Uncle. Kaku silently cries.

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Telecast Date:11th January 2021
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