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Imlie 9th October 2021 Aditya walks down ready for college and asks Imlie if she is not yet ready for college. Imlie says no as ladies have decided to do pam param param. He asks what. She says she wants to do all family ladies’ facial massage. He asks if she means pamper. She says she said same. Aparna with Radha walks to them and asks why did she call them. She says they will have pam param param today.

Adi says its pamper. She asks to look at his feelings and not words, all women will relax and enjoy today, and asks him to leave. Rupali asks him not to return till late evening. Radha says its a good idea. Malini rushes and asks if Adi left for work. Imlie insists her to relax today and makes her sit. Rupali offers her coconut water. Malini thinks Imlie stopped her today, but cannot stop her daily.

Anu enjoys kitty party with her friends. Meethi serves them tea and snacks. Friend asks if she hired a new maid. Anu says yes. Devi enters and says she is not a maid but his daughter’s mother. They ask if he means Malini’s mother. He says no. They smirk saying she must be that villager then, how is he related to her.

He says he is not as she is much superior to him. Mithi gets happy hearing that and walks away. He asks why are they having kitty party at home. They say they want to knit a sweater for for Malini’s baby. Dev says Anu is expert in fighting and not knitting and walks away grinning. They laugh saying all husbands are same.

Adi calls Imlie and asks how is her pam param param is going. She says its gonig well. He asks to give medicines to Malini on time. She asks him not to worry. Malini hears their conversation and thinks Adi cares for her so much, he could have called her directly instead of using Imlie as a mediator, he blindly trusts Imlie and today will see it breaking. Adi’s colleague asks him if he saw human trafficking news. He says it should be printed on front page. He says something else is printed on front page.

He checks and gets angry. Back at C house, Anu knits sweater with her friends and thinks she can buy a sweater from mall instead. Friend asks her to knit it properly. Anu says she does what she likes, shopping. Friend says everyone has their own preferences, madam loves shopping and if she is busy in a mall, her husband would obviously look at another woman. Anu gets angry. Friend apologizes. Anu says she better be sorry.

Imlie hires beauticians who perform ladies and Harish’s facial massage, manicure and pedicure. Harish complains. Dulari does her jokergiri. Sundar passes by and jokes on Harish. Imlie asks beautician to perform even Sundar’s ficial massage and forces him to sit on chair. Beautician offers her cucumber to keep it on eyes.

Imlie eats it and asks if she has carrot. Rupali says it was for eyes. Imlie starts her jokergiri and performs beautician’s head massage. Malini thinks Imlie wil become everyone’s favorite now. Imlie brings Malini;s medicine and asks her to have it now. Malini says later as she is relaxing now. Imlie insists to have it on time. Malini says she wanted her to relax and now disturbing her.

Aditya speaks to editor and asks him why he printed actors dating life in front page instead of human trafficking news, since when Bhaskar times started printed nonsensical news. Editor says its new owner’s decision and he wants to commercialize news paper with page 3 news on front page, in fact he is coming to office to meet them all. Adi says he will not meet a person who doesn’t value journalism. Back at C house, her friends show their knitted sweaters for baby.

Anu sees Meethi knitting sweater and snatches it from her. Meethi says its for her gudiya/Imlie. Anu takes it away and shows to her friends as she knitting it. Friends laugh that she prepared a big kid’s sweater. Meethi says she knitted it. Friends taunt Anu that she did cheating even here and snatched sweater from a villager. Meethi taunts one should have some intelligence even to copy, leaving Anu fuming.

Adi returns home. Aparna asks why did he return home so soon. Adi says a rich man bought his newspaper and his voice of truth newspaper will become a gossip adda. Malini shows her concern and asks him to calm down. Imlie brings juiced and says he will. Malini thinks Adi is angry due to office issue and will scold Imlie for being careless; she acts as feeling dizzy and says Imlie didn’t give her medicine.

Adi asks Imlie if she didn’t give her medicine. Malini says Imlie didn’t even remind her. Imlie says she already took medicine and remembers mixing medicine in Malini’s juice. Adi praises Imlie and Imlie’s supporters smirk. Aparna says they rested whole day today. Malini sarcastically thanks Imlie for taking care of her. Imlie says most welcome and prays god to fill motherhood feeling in Malini.


Imlie 9th October 2021 Written Episode Update Precap : Rupali suggests Imlie to meet Adi as a parlor girl and cheer him up. Malini notices them.

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Telecast Date:9th October 2021
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