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Imlie 9th June 2021 Aditya gets romantic with Imlie and says she is having emotional sickness and tickling in her stomach. She says no and keeps her finger on his lips and then shyingly walks away. He stops her and extends his hand towards her. She looks at herself in a mirror, pulls her tresses out, and holds his hand. He dances with her looking into her eyes with Abhi Abhi To Mile Ho.. song playing in the background. She then walks aside. He kisses her shoulder. Emotional tears roll down her eyes and she smilingly looks at him. Malini shatters noticing that and walks away crying. They both notice someone near door. KC clashes with her and asks if she doesn’t have any other work than clashing with him. She apologizes. Adi picks Malini’s ring and thinks if she came here.

Malini twists her leg. KC offers to help her, but she shouts she will manage. He says as she wishes. Imlie with Adi calls Malini and asks KC what is he doing here. KC says he came to discuss Satyakam’s case. Adi asks why didn’t Malini come in. Malini says she didn’t want to disturb them. Adi asks if they both came together. Malini says yes and thinks why is she continuing her lies. Imlie asks then why did they come in 2 cars. KC says she can be a better lawyer than him and says they came in different cars, but will return in one car. Adi says they should get inside and discuss. Malini asks KC if he can accompany her now and come here tomorrow. KC tells Imlie that he will discuss Satyakam’s case tomorrow and walks towards car with Malini. Imlie helps Malini and returning her ring says she knows why she is lying and aplogizes her. Malini says she need not apologize, its a minor sprain and she will be fine soon. Imlie gets her into car and returns to Adi.

Adi asks Imlie if she heard what Kunal said. She says she still feels there is something wrong. He says he is just asking if she wants to become a lawyer like Kunal as she can be a good lawyer as she stretches the issue a lot. She says she still feels Malini is lying. He says she met Kunal and should end this issue right here and inform family about them, he will inform family that he filed for divorce with Malini. Anu walks out and is shocked to hear divorce. Adi says he and Malini filed divorce papers. Anu walks in to inform family.

Malini thinks she wanted Imlie and Adi to reunite, but couldn’t see them together; prays god to end her pain soon. KC plays loud music. She switches it off and says she doesn’t like loud music. He says he likes though and says she should be thankful to him that he is taking her in his car and dropping her home. She asks she doesn’t care what he would have done, why did he lie that they came together. He says he just supported her, he is not a mind reader and doesn’t know when to lie and when not to, he thinks there is some tension between her, Adi, and Imlie; asks how does she know Adi and Imlie. She warns him to mind his own business. He says he dragged her into this triangle. She says there is no triangle. He says its a square now with this entry and says he was very intriguing since childhood, so she should answer him. She asks him to stop his lawyer mode and requests to not take up Satyakam’s case. He says he will not leave a high profile case and will not fulfil her each demand, she cannot even thank him once and is a crazy lady. She switches on music. He says that is rude. She says his words are weird, so she switched on music. Their nok jhok continues.

Pankaj asks Adi why did he file for divorce. Adi says he has already taken a decision. Harish asks why didn’t he inform them before taking such a big step. Adi says they both already decided. Radha says there is problem between them because of Malini’s boyfriend. Adi says a husband and wife’s decision is their own and is not influenced by a third person. Aparna says family is also involved in a marriage, why is he trying to snatch a daughter from her. Adi says why would he snatch any relationship, Malini is her best friend and he is just trying to protect a friendship which would have turned ugly in the future.

KC drops Malini home and tries to help her. She says she will go herself and argues with him. He thinks he will neither leave the case nor this crazy lady’s mystery. Anu noticing them asks Malini who is that boy.


Imlie 10th June 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Anu confronts Tripathis that after spending 7 years with Malini, Adi wants to have an affair with a maid. Harish warns her to dare not badmouth about Imlie. Anu says he got offended when she spoke about his maid, why didn’t he speak when there was injustice happening to his bahu. She calls police in. Inspector walks in and arrests Tripathis on harassment, mental torture and abuse charges.

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Telecast Date:9th June 2021
Distributed By :Star Plus And Hotstar


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