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Imlie 9th January 2021 Tauji with Pankaj sees Imlie keeping god’s idol in her bag and asks why is she doing that. Imlie says wherever she goes, her Seeta maiya goes with her. Pankaj asks her to get a certificate from her school that she is a brilliant and obedient student, it would be easy for her college admission. Pankaj asks if she thinks Seeta maiya will be alone here, what about Tauji who will miss her scolding and her care. Imlie acts and says they have problem if she goes and even if she doesn’t go, they should decide if she should go or not. They say she should go as Adi is waiting for her. She emotionally hugs them. They walk to living room where Adi and whole family is waiting for Imlie. Dhruv asks Imlie to inform him if Adi troubles her on the way, he will punish Adi. Nidhi asks to demonstrate. He twists Adi’s ear. Nidhi says they will miss her a lot. Adi says let us go. Aparna says let her hug and passing him hugs Imlie emotionally. She gives gifts to Imlie’s mother and grandmother.
Each family member shower their love on her. Malini hugs her and says she will miss her sister and she should return soon. Imlie walks away emotionally thinking they all love her and don’t know that she is going away forever. She reminisces time spent with whole family. Adi and she get into a bus and sit aside. A sad song plays in the background. Bus stops at a dhaba for 15 minutes. Imlie goes to washroom.

Adi video calls Malini. Malini shows everyone and says they are all sad. Nidhi says they feel something is missing. Adi asks them if they are missing him so much. Tauji says they are missing Imlie and not her. Imlie walks to washroom and looking at her bangles and sindhoor reminisces removing her bridal dress and sindhoor before and thinks she cleaned sindhoor before to hide truth and now trying best to hide a lie, how to tell Adi’s family truth. Malini makes kid speak to Adi and says they are also missing Imlie. Malini sees something in sunny’s hand and asks what is it. He gives it to her saying he found it near Imlie’s bed. Malini is surprised to see mangalsutra. Imlie panics seeing her mangalsutra missing. Malini shows mangalsutra to Adi and asks if its Imlie’s. He says he doesn’t know. She says its found near Imlie’s bed, maybe Imlie’s mother bought it for her, but she doesn’t want to accept it and hence kept it here. Imlie returns to Adi wearing bridal attire. Adi sits shocked. Malini asks why is he lookin shocked. He says his bus is leaving and disconnects call. He then scolds Imlie to wear even mangalsutra if she has worn whole bridal attire, asks if she purposefully left it at home. Imlie says she doesn’t know. Adi asks to stop acting and says Malini found her mangalsutra. Imlie asks how Malini didi found it. He warns that Malini is not her sister and is not related to her like him, she should stop her drama as he knows what she is up to. Imlie says even she is not happy with this marriage and wore her bridal attire to prevent any problem in Pagdandiya like she had removed before to prevent any problem for him in Delhi.

Dev is busy painting when Anu asks if he knows what his son-in-law/SIL did. Dev says Adi went to Pagdandiya. Anu says he went with maid Imlie. Dev asks what is wrong if Imlie went to meet her family. Anu says Adi left his wife home and went with another girl to Pagandiya, there is something wrong in Pagdandiya’s air and same thing happening to her daughter which happened to her, she will not let anyone ruin her daughter’s happpiness.

Adi and Imlie reach Pagdandiya. Imlie says she will go to her home. Adi says he will go to his lodge and offers her money saying its not a charity but her right as she worked in his house, she can use it for her further studies. She asks what did she do in his house. He says she was handling his house, cleaning, cooking and helping during wedding; he keeps it in her hand and says again she should complete her studies. She asks how much is it.


Imlie 9th January 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Adi says this money is her right and she should complete her studies with it. She returns money saying when a man is not hers, why should she accept it. They both move in opposite direction.

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Telecast Date:9th January 2021
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