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Imlie 8th September 2021 Imlie hurriedly prepares prasad. Sundar jokes that she is speeding up on her sasauma/MIL’s order. Imlie asks him not to pester her. He says he is joking. Aparna walks in and asks if prasad is prepared. Imlie says in 2-3 minutes. Aparna says orphanage children can’t wait for long, so they will start performance right now. Imlie says she needs to perform with Adi.

Aparna says Malini is there for that. Imlie asks if she wanted her to prepare prasad to stop her. Aparna asks how does it feels when someone lies them, even she felt same when Imlie lied and help her son’s attacker flee; she says her place is here and not with Adi and walks away. Imlie stands sad. Sundar says its Imlie’s good deeds that god helped her complete post-wedding rituals, so she should cheer up and distribute prasad to children. She cheers up.

Nishant cheers up children, asks everyone to chant Jai Sri Krishna and welcome the performers on stage. Adi on stage thinks he took his place, where is Imlie. He sees Malini gracefully dancing on stage as Radha instead and stands shocked. Nishant and Rupali also stand shocked. Harish insists Adi to dance with Malini as children are waiting for their performance. Adi says he practiced with Imlie. Harish pushes him towards Malini. Rupali asks what is Malini doing in Imlie’s place. Nishant says it must be Malini and Anu’s plan and goes to bring Imlie. Adi and Malini dance.

Nishant walks to Imlie and asks her to come out and see Malini’s bad dance. Mithi walks in. Anu taunts her that her servant daughter cannot take Malini’s place. Dev gets angry seeing Anu taunting Mithi. Mithi walks to Dulari and asks her to do something. Imlie walks in and thinks Malini is unable to handle performance, so she needs to go. Anu drops juice glass and breaks it. Imlie steps on glass and injures her foot. Anu thinks lets see if Imlie will go on stage. Aygiri Nandini..plays in the background.

Imlie walks to Adi and dances with him. Malini sadly walks down. Dulari taunts her that her plan failed, she should stay back and enjoy the dance. Anu walks to them. Dulari taunts her that her granddaughter kitchen ritual is finished and she should enjoy prasad and go. She forcefully holds Malini’s hand and forces her to watch the dance. Anu says just like Malini is insulted, even Imklie will be insulted.

Everyone clap after Adi and Imlie’s performance. Adi sees Imlie’s foot injury and asks why did she dance. He lifts her and walks down the stage towards her room. Dulari and other supporters get happy seeing that while Malini, Aparna, and Anu stand fuming. Dulari taunts Anu again to have her granddaughter’s prepared prasad and go. Anu fumes. Dulari taunts that after kitchen ritual, husband and wife will be locked in a room and she is feeling shy to describe what happens next.

Malini cries hearing that. Anu asks her not to cry. Adi nurses Imlie’s wound and scolds her. Imlie says family’s dignity was at stake, so she had to go on stake; he should know who did this. He says she will blame Malini again and protect real culprit SK. Imlie says SK is not the only culprit and Malini provoked him. Adi says she will continue her blames. Malini walks in and says Imlie doesn’t want her to stay here, so she will go from here. Adi says her presence doesn’t affect anything here, Imlie has to understand that she is his friend and will stay here; he wants to do one thing and clear all the confusion.

She asks what. He says let us finalize divorce formalities tomorrow, even she can move on in life, and Imlie will be assured, etc. He walks away. Malini asks Imlie if she is happy now and thinks she won. Imlie says its Adi’s decision and she should stop her small conspiracies. Malini warns not to jump high as game has just started, she should just wait and watch.


Imlie 9th September 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Malini mixes something in food and throws bottle in dustbin. Imlie asks what is in the bottle. Malini says she wanted her to do big, so she did.

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Telecast Date:8th September 2021
Distributed By :Star Plus And Hotstar


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