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Imlie 8th January 2021 Dev asks Malini and Aditya if they packed their warm clothes for honeymoon. Malini says yes. Imlie enters and Malini asks her to sit next to her, but she sits down. Malini shows her honeymoon destinations. Anu says Shahrukh has shooted in these places. Adi thanks her for the gift. He gets his editor’s call who reminds him about Satyakam visiting Delhi and asks him to visit Pagdandiya again to cover the news and know why he came there. He agrees and informs them that he has to go to Pagdandiya tomorrow. Anu asks if he didn’t remind his boss that he is on a leave. He says journalists have to adjust their schedule for important work. Anu asks if honeymoon and Malini are not important to him, tells Malini that she had already warned him that this man considers his job more important than her. Malnii says it must be important work, else editor wouldn’t have called him. Adi apologizes Anu. Anu says Mrs. Chaturvedi is fine until he considers Malini as his wife and not his first wife, his job. Dev says its okay, they will postpone honeymoon for 2 weeks. Imlie thinks she should also visit Pagdandiya and visit her amma.
In Pagdandiya, Mithi tries to make pots reminiscing Imlie’s bitter words but fails. Dulari seeing that yells at her and shouts to forget Imlie and think she died. Mithi asks not to stay that. Imlie takes tea for Adi. Adi thinking her as Malini thanks her, but then seeing her asks why didn’t she drop tea on him, if her today’s target was only Anu. She reminisces insulting Mithi and Satyakam and thinks she should visit Pagdandiya and apologize them. She tells Adi that she made a big mistake.

At Tripathi house, Nidhi while cooking tells Taiji/Radha and Rupal that she feels bored without Adi and Malini. They say they feel the same. Sundar jokes that good Imlie is not here. Taiji scolds him. Aparna enters and informs that Adi had called and told they are returning home as he is going to Pagdandiya. Sundar thinks its a good opportunity to send Imlie from here and says they should send Imlie with Adi. Aparna scolsd him to stop his childish behavior. but Rupal says its a good idea. Adi with Malini and Imlie returns home. Aparna with whole family opens door and stopping Adi asks Malini and Imlie to come in. Adi asks what did he do. Aparna asks how can he leave Malini home and go to Pagdandiya just after a day of his wedding, Malini was waiting for him to return from Pagdandiya before marriage and will now after marriage. Pankaj says he is not alone now and should change for his wife. Malini says she likes the way Adi is now as she doesn’t want him to change and become more frustrating. Everyone laugh. Pankaj says that is why they have made a plan. Bade papa shows Imlie Pagdandiya tickets, and Rupal says it was her plan to send Imlie to Pagdandiya for 2 days with Adi so that she can meet her mother, friends, pets, and even her cycle. Aparna tells Malini that she need not worry about Adi as Imlie is going along to take care of him, asks Imlie to pack her bags soon and the gift they bought fo rher amma and Malini to pack Adi’s bags.

Adi thinks what is happening with him, when he thinks everything is going right, things go wrong; his fate is playing a game with him; what if Malini finds out about Imlie, reminiscing earlier incident; thinks Malini is his love and responsibility which he chose and Imlie was forced on him, so he will choose responsibility. Imlie packs her bag thinking how she will convince her amma when Adi walks in and says he wants to speak to her for 2 minutes; asks her to pack all her belongings as she is going to Pagdandiya forever and not for 2 days; says fate forcefuly brought them together without their wish, but now fate is sending her back to Pagdandiya; he will inform Satyakam how they were forcefully married by villagers on her naani’s insistence; he wants her to return to Pagdandiya forever; his family got emotionally attached to her and will not let her go if she says she is going for 2 days, so she shouldn’t inform them about it. She nods yes and stands crying.

Mithi in village tries to sell mud lamps under heavy rain but fails. She cries why no one is buying her lamps. Satyakam holds her hand and takes her under shelter. Mithi says she wants to earn so much money that her daughter doesn’t feel ashamed of her. Satyakam says he has spoken to a government officer who promised to help him, he will submit himself to government and prove Imlie that he is not disgrace to her. Mithi continues crying. Imlie packs her bags reminiscing family’s love for her and picking god’s idol cries reminiscing Adi’s words.


Imlie 9th January 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Adi gives money to Imlie. Imlei asks if he is giving her salary for working in her house. He sasy its for her studies. She asks how much. He says 50,000 rs. She says she worked in his family thinking them as dear ones, but when they are not hers, why should she take his money. They both walk in opposite direction.

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Telecast Date:8th January 2021
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