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Imlie 7th July 2022 Imlie comforts Aryan and says he always gave her respect, trusted him, and loved him immensely. She says he is the meaning of love for her. He hugs her and cries. Pal Bhar Tahar Jao.. song..

plays in the background. They both cry. Aryan says he wouldn’t forgive himself as he would have lost her due to his stupidity. She says she knows his fear and promises him that he will never lose her. They both continue to share their affection for each other. They both hear a baby girl crying nearby and finds no one around the baby.

Malini returns to take revenge from Imlie and says she didn’t play with her sister in childhood, now she will play with Imlie using her as a toy with her own set rules. Back to Aryan and Imlie, Imlie says even today people feel a girl as a burden, her mother fought with Dulari and the villagers for her.

She wishes to take the baby girl home. He agrees and says they will keep the baby with them until they find out about the baby’s parents. Imlie pampers the baby and says even a tough man melted down seeing the baby.

At the college, teacher asks students to fill their applications as dean will give them admission after checking their applications. A village girl Gauri sees all the students correcting their makeup and asks her friend Pinky why they are doing that. Pinky asks if she doesn’t know about dean madam,

she is an intelligent and hard work modern woman who is both successful and strict. Malini as a dean gets out of car. A poor boy requests her to give him 5 rs. She asks why should she give him what belongs to her. Geeta asks Pinky what kind of people dean madam doesn’t like. Malini says people like her.

Arpita and Sundar return home and describe the whole story about Jyoti to Narmada. Narmada is shocked to learn about the troubles Jyoti gave to Aryan and Imlie and asks about Kairi. Sundar says Kairi got afraid of Jyoti and went to Pagdandiya, but will return to meet them soon. Aryan returns.

Narmada hugs him and asks if he is fine and where and Imlie and Chiku. Aryan says they are fine. Imlie walks in carrying a baby. Gudiya in shock asks Neela how did they get a baby within such a short span of absence. Imlie says its not their baby Chiku. Aryan says they found this baby girl abandoned by someone and would keep her until they find her parents.

Malini tears Geeta’s form. Geeta asks why did she tear her form, she is a distinction student. Malini recalls Imlie entering similarly and ruining her life and says girls like her come from the village and playing a victim card try to snath other’s right. She says she must have come from a village with her parent’s blessings, villager’s hope, and a god’s idol in her trunk; she will not allow her to take over someone’s place.

Arpita and Sundar like the baby girl. Neela yells that she doesn’t pick fallen fruit, Imlie brought an unknown girl; asks if this house is a dharamshala that anyone like Jyoti and Harry can come and stay here.

Aryan says he and his mother always help others without knowing their caste and status, it was his and Imlie’s decision and if she objects, even he will object as there are many unnecessary people staying here. Narmada says he is speaking a lot. Gudiya says only this baby is extra in this house. Neela leaves feeling offended.

Malini asks Geeta if she is proud of her identity and loves her village, why don’t she stay in her village itself; she should remember that she cannot change her fate by shifting to a city and should return back to village. She throws form in dustbin and says she will always be an uncultured villager always.

Teacher asks her why did she return to work so soon after delivery. Malini says just because she is a single mother, she doesn’t want people to misuse her situation, she just want to be an example for herself and her daughter. Teacher says she is an example and welcomes her. Geeta leaves crying. Malini thinks Imlie must have received the punishment for her sins and as she knows Imlie, Imlie would have done whatever she thought.


Imlie 8th July 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Social workers snatch baby from Narmada and leave in their car. Imlie hears baby’s cry and runs.

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Telecast Date:7th July 2022
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