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Imlie 7th January 2021 Imlie sees Bade papa lying on couch hearing an old song, switches it off and insists him to teach her. He says when he told her before, she didn’t want to, now he is enjoying after a long time. She insists to stop lazing around and teach her. He asks to bring her books then. She walks towards kitchen to bring books thinking she will not get weird thinking if she gets busy studying. Aditya walks towards his room scolding Malini for letting Imlie sleep on their bed and him feeling weird after hugging Imlie mistaking her as Malini. She stops outside room saying he she will not enter room until he thinks something romantic. He says he doesn’t know how to be romantic. She says its their wedding’s 2nd night and they will spend unromantic night, she will not enter room until he gets romantic or never forever. He lifts her and takes her in wishing her happy wedding’s 2nd night. Imlie watches them from a distance. She returns to Bade papa and solves maths problem reminiscing Adi hugging her. She returns book to Bade papa. Bade papa asks how did she solve problem so soon, if she had her medicine. She says yes. He says maybe her frustration is because of medicine effect.

Badimaa calls Bade papa and he walks away frustrated stopping his song. Malini walks to Imlie and asks which subject she is studying. Imlie says maths. Malini says she heard from Nidhi and Rupal that Imlie likes studying, so why don’t she join her college as she can get her admission there. Adi enters and informs Malini that her father called them for paghphera rituals and asked to stay there for 2-3 days. Malini says what she told Imlie. Adi says Imlie will return to Pagandiya, so her studies will be incomplete. Imlie says Adi is right and bade papa is teaching her anyways. Malini says she knows Tauji teaches her, but there is a difference between this study and college studies, she will get certificate wit college studies and make her village and family feel proud. Imlie says she is right, but college is not in her fate. Malini says they decide their future and not their fate. Imlie says even she used to think that she can decide her fate, shedding tears; then says not to worry as she will study via patrachar. Adi says she means correspondence. Imlie leaves. Malini thinks he felt Imlie wanted to mean something and said something else.

Imlie burns shirt while ironing remembering Adi hugging her. Sundar seeing that alerts her and taunts that she would burn her husband’s pant and shirt, then says she will get a weird husband like her. She asks why would she get a weird husband. He says jodis which match look good together like pair of socks, etc.

Malini packs her clothes. Kids ask if she is going so soon and requests not to go. Malini says she is going for paghphera ritual for 2=3 days and will return soon. Imlie gets them tea. Nidhi asks to describe how and Adi met and fell in love. Malini describes their first meeting in detail and Adi’s love at first sight. Rupali says she can’t believe her brother can be so romantic. Imlie reminisces her and Adi’s first meeting and their hatred for each other and thinks they don’t match at all. Aparna sees off Malini and asks her to return soon. Rupal asks Adi to take care of Malini. Malini calls Imlie and says she is taking her along as she wants her to check her book collection and decide what she wants to study. Adi fumes hearing that. At Anu’s house, she gets Adi’s favorite food prepared. Adi with Malini enters thinking a distance between becoming Mrs. Chaturvedi and maa is shortening. Anu and Dev happily greet and hug them. Malini then calls Imlie. Imlie enters carrying bags. Anu asks why did she call Imlie here. Malini says she wants her to check books and decide which subjects she wants to choose in college. Anu says Imlie is habituated with hard work. Dev keeps bags aside and shows Imlie to use trolley wheels. Anu asks servants to serve food.

Imlie in a jovial rides trolley bag and jokes with servants running around them. Servants take food to dining table discussing Anu will scold them if they get late. Imlie sees servants missing daal bowl and carries it riding trolley. She crashes trolley on Anu dropping whole daal on her hands and sari. Anu panics and yells at Imlie. Imlie apologizes. Malini tries to calm down Imlie. Imlie says she will clean the mess. Malini asks her to stop as she is her guest here and not maid and asks Anu if she would ask her guest to clean the mess. Dev asks Malini not to stretch the issue. Imlie says if she called her dear one, this house is also hers and there is nothing wrong in cleaning own house. She cleans the mess while Adi and Malini look at her sadly.


Imlie 8th January 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Tripathi family gives Imlie Pagdandiya ticket. Adi says she is going to Pagdandiya forever and not for 2 days, she shouldn’t inform anyone and he will return and give some excuse.

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Telecast Date:7th January 2021
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