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Imlie 6th September 2021 Imlie tells Adi that dadda/Satyakam/SK shot him, but Malini filled the gun powder in his gun by provoking him saying Adi loves her and he didn’t give Imlie’s right yet. Malini asks what does she means, Adi knows about their relationship and why would she have a criminal’s number. Imlie says Malini wants her to be out of this house and Adi’s life. Aparna warns her to stop wrongly alleging Malini. Mithi backs Imlie and says she heard Malini and her mother speaking about provoking SK. Aparna says this criminal family is a big liar and does conspiracies. Dulari says she cannot allege them without proof. Adi asks how many proofs they need, even if Malini provoked SK, how can he shoot him, If Malini approves anyone shooting Imlie if someone does same.

Mithi stands silent. Adi says he should speak to her if she has answer to this question, world will fill the ears, that doesn’t mean they can kill their dear ones. Imlie says also Malini’s mistake. Adi asks if it was Malini’s mistake when her dadda shot him first and buried him underground, she supported her dadda always and saved him after his repeated sins. Aparna asks Pankaj to calm him down or else his health will deteriorate more. Mithi again tries to justify SK’s act. Adi angrily asks if SK will shoot anyone without hearing their side, an animal like SK’s place is in jail. Malini asks him to calm down as she is the reason for their fight and will go from here. Adi says she will not go anywhere. Imlie says Malini came here to create a rift between them. Adi says she created rift between them by making SK escape and supporting him. His condition deteriorates and he stumbles. Family supports and takes him in.

Malini taunts Imlie that she hit axe on her foot by making SK elope. Imlie says she didn’t think Malini would stoop so low, Dadda will be punished and even Malini, Malini’s plan to kill Adi failed and he is alive. Malini says soon Imlie will be out of this house. Imlie challenges back that she will expose her in front of Adi and will kick her out of house. Malini says only time will reveal it. Adi in his room gets angry remembering Imlie’s justification and thinks he loves her, but will not support her in wrong. Imlie cries remembering Adi words and thinks she will expose Malini’s truth to Adi at any cost.

Next morning, Harish returns from morning walk and enjoying morning tea with family asks how is Adi. Adi says he is fine now. Harish says there is Janmasti after 2 days, he has invited orphan kids and will teach them Geeta shloks. Radha asks not to bore kids with his philosophy, they will prepare feast for kids and organize a janmastami play for them. Pankaj jokes on Harish. Harish says he will become Krishna and has Radha already. Harish says Janmastami is not a retirement game, so they should choose a young Krisha and Adi will enact as Krishna. Adi hesitates citing his injured hand. Nishant says he will be fine in 2 days. Aparna says she has decided that Adi will enact Krishna and Malini as Radha.

Imlie with Dulari walks in and seeing everyone looking at her asks if there is something on her face. Pankaj says no and says Adi will enact Krishna and Imlie as Radha. Radha says Imlie will spoil even this festival asual. Aparna says they will write down chits and select Radha. Dulari gives pen and paper to Pankaj silently. Pankaj silently writes Imlie’s name in chits hiding and mingles them with Aparna’s chits. Adi picks Imlie’s chit. Radha asks Aparna if she didn’t wring Malini’s name. Dulari reveals she and Pankaj added Imlie’s chits, Radha and Aparna cannot do anything and Imlie will celebrate Janmashtami with Adi.

Imlie walks to Adi while he is busy writing an article and asks him to practice dance with her. He says he needs to finish an article, but she insists. He gets angry, but then calms down and dances with her on Piya Tose Milne.. song. Malini watches their dance. Adi stops feeling hand pain and noticing Malini asks if she saw their dance. He says its not bad. He asks then not good also, she should tell what is the problem. She says he is showing only Krishna raas leela, but there is importance of Rukmini in Krishna’s life as she is his wife and cooks and does everything for him. Imlie says people talk only about Radha Krishna. Malini says Rukmini is Krishna’s wife and will always be.


Imlie 7th September 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Aparna asks Imlie to continue cooking and be in kitchen and let Adi dance with Malini.

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Telecast Date:6th September 2021
Distributed By :Star Plus And Hotstar


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