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Imlie 5th November 2022 Imlie serves her prepared fat rotis as her first kitchen ritual to Rana family and hopes they like it. Atharva opens hot box and noticing a fat roti asks if this is his breakfast. Divya says Imlie must have prepared it for pet, she can find dogs outside their house. Rudra warns her to stop her comments. Shivani says they can’t send Atharva back to hospital by feeding this. Atharva tries to leave.

Rudra stops him and says he shouldn’t disrespect food. Atharva asks if this is food. Imlie says their stomach or teeth won’t spoil with this roti and requests him not to respect her effort and ritual. Atharva says someone else decides about his life, Imlie wants respect for her effort, he deserves much bad. He munches chilli. Imlie feeds him fat roti. Atharva calms down. Devika brings honey and stands still seeing Atharva calm.

Imlie says it takes time to get used to first sunrays. Atharva says he doesn’t consider her sunrays, but liked her roti. Devika asks what did he say. Atharva apologizes for misjudging Imlie’s food. Cousins taste and says its yummy. Rudra tastes roti and tells Devika it has taste of mother’s food.

Imlie says its her mother’s signature dish. Devika says she is sure now tha Imlie can handle Atharva well. After sometime, Keya and Divya take Rudra’s gifted sari for Imlie to wear for the function tonight and yell that they never got such a costly gift by Rudra till now. Imlie selects her mother’s saari for the reception. Keya and Divya walk in and offer her to wear their brought sari for the function.

Imlie says she will wear her mother’s saari as it has her mother’s blessings. Divya says its a cheap sari 150 rs sari and guests would except a bride to wear costly sari and not a cheap one.

Atharva enters and asks why can’t she wear it; when god doesn’t force things on anyone, why should they force Imlie to wear what they want; Imle can wear her mother’s sari. Divya and Keya walk away fuming. Imlie feels happy seeing Atharva supporting her. Sundar packs gifts for Imlie’s reception and gets romantic with Arpita. Arpita stuffs laddu in his mouth and asks him to get ready for the party.

She walks out and asks Chini if she selected dress for the party. Chini says parties look like satsang for her. Rupali says its okay if Chini doesn’t come. Meethi says Imlie will leave her reception and come here if Chini doesn’t attend it. Chini says she will attend Imklie’s reception for sure. Rupali warns her not to create any messa again. Chini says she will set things right instead.

Guests start walking in for Imlie and Atharva’s reception. Rudra welcomes them. They notice Atharva organizing music and taunt Rudra that its good that his son will both host and entertain guests for free. Imlie says music is Atharva’s devotion towards god and they are lucky that Atharva will present his devotion in front of them,

even she is lucky to listen to Rudra’s music tonight. Guests tell Rudra that his DIL changed their perception, they are elated to attend Rudra’s son and DIL’s reception. Divya performs Imlie’s nazar. Imlie says she also needs blessings and takes her blessings. Atharva thanks Imlie for respecting his music while no one does. Imlie says as a partner its her duty to respect everything related to her.

Rudra family visit next. Rana family welcomes them. Imlie gets happy seeing Chini and hugs her. Chini asks her not to hug her always. Imlie notices Chini holding a gift box and asks if she brought it for her. Chini says she brought for the one she got ready and prayed for. She walks to Atharva and offers him laddu from a box. Arpita asks what is she doing. Chini says she brought prasad for Atharva as he needs it. Atharva stops her. Laddu falls down. Imlie holds it and feeds Atharva, leaving Chini jealous.


Imlie 5th November 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Atharva accuses Imlie of fooling him and says he will not stay with him in a room as he doesn’t love her.

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Telecast Date:20th August 2022
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