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Imlie 5th July 2022 Kairi tries to get further into the bar towards Aryan. Bartender stops her. She hears goons discussing that Aryan is regainging consciousness and breaks the bottle. Bartender asks why did she break the bottle.

She says all the liquor is fake. Goons walk to her and warn her to stop creating drama. She continues her jokergiri and make all the goons drink whole liquor bottle. Aryan notices her and thinks she shouldn’t have come here.

At Rathod house, inspector asks family to help a sketch artist to draw Kairi’s sketch. Gudiya describes Kairi’s features. Sundar and Arpita confuse her. Jyoti brings Kairi’s photo and asks inspector to arrest Kairi and free Aryan.

Kairi acting as drunk walks into the room where goons kept Aryan. Goon asks why did she come here as he is having an important meeting. She calls him Kans mama and continuing her jokergiri makes them dance and get them heavily drunk. Aryan cuts his rope silently with a broken bottle.

Kairi then helps Aryan get out of there when goon returns and scolds his subordinates for getting easily fooled by Kairi. He orders them to kill Kairi and Aryan. Arpita with Sundar and Harry reaches there to rescue them. Theya all 5 beat the goons and escape from there.

Narmada cries in front of Neela worried for her children. Neela watches news of maid Kairi kidnapping Aryan and police searching for them both. she says soon police will arrest Kairi and punish her. Jyoti hears their conversation and calls goon.

Goon says he was calling her since long and she remembered him now. She says she will give his money and asks him to keep Aryan safely. Goon informs that a weird looking girl Kairi with Arpita and Sundar rescued Aryan away. Jyoti thinks Aryan will find out truth and hate him, orders goon to kill Aryan and weird looking Kairi and make it look like Kairi killed Aryan.

Arpita and Sundar make Aryan and Kairi sit at a bench and go out to seek help. Imlie comforts Aryan. Kitni Hasrath Thi Hame tumse Dil Lagane Ki.. song plays in the background. Goon’s aide points gun at them. Goon asks Jyoti over phone if he will surely get 5 crore rs if he kills Aryan and Kairi.

Jyoti promises. Goon orders aide to kill them. Aryan and Kairi hold each other’s hand in shock. Jyoti gets teary eyed hearing bullet sound and thinks she wanted true love but couldn’t get it; she wants to see Aryan’s dead body once.


Imlie 6th July 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Malini determines to play a game with Imlie and take revenge from her.

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Telecast Date:5th July 2022
Distributed By :Star Plus And Hotstar


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