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Imlie 4th September 2021 Tripathi family bring Aditya home. Adi opens eyes. Pankaj asks Nishant to call Aparna. Nishant calls Aparna and others and tells Adi that he has cancer, but Adi’s life is in danger always. Aparna enters holding kheer and asks how is he. Harish says with god’s grace, their son is fine. Rupali says her rakhi saved her brother. Adi says yes. Aparna feeds him kheer. Adi says god wanted him not to die before having her prepared kheer. She scolds him and says they were worried for him. He says he knows and asks about Imlie. Satyakam/SK pampers sleeping Imlie and asks her to open eyes. She opens eyes and asks why did he come here.

He says he came here hiding to inform truth to her and Mithi. Imlie says he tried to snatch her sughag twice. Adi asks Aparna again how is Imlie. Aparna asks to think of himself as Imile’s family is there for her. Adi says Imlie risked her life and saved him. Aparna says his life was in danger because of Imlie, Imlie calls a murder as her dadda. Adi says Imlie is not at fault for SK’s sins and insists to meet Imlie. Aparna pleads him to stop as he is very weak. He stands up with great difficulty and walks towards Imlie’s room. Imlie asks SK if he forgot Babusaheb’s help and he is his daughter’s husband. SK says he got a call from some one. Imlie gets up and walks to meet Babusaheb.

Adi and Imlie walk towards each other. They meet and their romance and intimacy in living room starts (while whole family hides itself in rooms giving them space). Dil Juda Nahi Hote.. song plays in the background. SK walks in front. Adi asks if he came to complete his incomplete task, he should shoot and end him right now. Family gathers. Adi calls police. SK says he is Adi and his family’s culprit. Aparna asks if he wants money, he can take it and spare her son. He says he doesn’t need anything as he can understand her pain. Adi says he should give gun to his mother and let her shoot me, his mother will not do that as she is a human. SK says a lady called him. Imlie asks to him to stop.

Mithi asks her to let him explain. Malini gets tensed thinking if he found out that she called him. Adi says he without hearing him shot him. Imlie hears police siren. Adi says SK accepted his crime and will be punished. SK requests to give him a chance to explain. Imlie requests Adi to let her speak to SK alone once. Aparna says he shouldn’t as SK will escape. SK says he will not. Pankaj says he should speak in front of everyone.

Imlie takes SK to her room and asks why did he shoot Adi when she told him that he loves her. SK says he got a call from same number that Adi loves his city wife/Malini and not Imlie; he takes her oath and says he didn’t trust that lady and hence he followed Adi and found her with Malini. Imlie says they had gone to buy gift for her. He says Malini over phone told that Adi will return to her. She says Babusaheb was speaking to her and not Malini, someone fooled him and its.. Inspector asks Imlie to open the door as they have warrant against SK. SK says its good that Adi is safe due to her persistence, so let him bear his punishment. She says he is right, everyone should be punished, him and one who are involved. He says whatever she says, she just needs her forgiveness.

Imlie returns without SK. Family asks where is SK. Imlie says he is not here. Radha says she told he will escape. Aparna asks if Imlie sent him away. Inspector says he didn’t expect Adi to call them and help SK escape. They rush to catch SK. Adi says he didn’t expect this from Imlie. Malini tongue lashes Imlie that she helped SK escape forgetting that he tried to kill Adi, SK may attack other family members. Aparna says Imlie’s whole family is a criminal and hence she supported her criminal family.

Adi asks Imlie why did she lie and helped SK escape. Imlie says she didn’t lie, she knows Dadda should be punished and knows where is he hiding, she will inform his location if Malini also goes to jail with dadda. T family stands shocked while Mithi and Dulari grin. Adi asks what is she saying. Radha says she has gone mad. Imlie says Malini provoked Dadda by saying that Adi will return to her, any daughter’s father will not tolerate it. Adi asks which father will shoot his son-in-law without speaking once. Malini asks Imlie if she wants to say that she still loves Adi, yes she loves him immensely


Imlie 4th September 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Imlie challenges Malini that even after her tries, Adi is back home. Malini challenges to get back her husband and kick Imlie out of the house. Imlie says Malini will be out of house soon.

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Telecast Date:4th September 2021
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