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Imlie 4th July 2022 Goons blinfold Aryan, tie his hands, and throw him in a room. Aryan predicts his next move and kicks him. to the ground and fights with all them. One of them tries to break bottle on his head. Another one stops him. Aryan demands to know who their boss is.

Goon breaks bottle onhis head and he collapses on floor. Head goon says the man is a rich businessman Aryan Singh Rathod, the lady offered them very less money for him. He throws Aryan back in a room and calls Jyoti. Jyoti says she wanted them to kidnap Aryan and blame Imlie.

Goon demands her 5 crores instead of 5 lakhs to release Aryan. Jyoti panics thinking her magic is not working, how will she arrange 5 crores. A vase falls down. Narmada asks Jyoti if something broke down and seeing broken vase says she will ask servants to clean it.

Jyoti says she is in shock after Imlie’s reaction today and Aryan still missing, asks if she saw Harry. Narmada says Harry must be in his room.

Harry takes Imlie to goon’s den as a repentence for his sins. Jyoti thinks she will take 5 crores rs from Harry, walks to his room and finds him missing. She thinks even he escaped, calls someone, and says she has information.

Harry takes Imlie inside the goons’ den via window. Imlie finds Aryan tied to a chair in a room and tries to speak to him, but he doesn’t react. A goon holds Aryan, and Aryan falls down. Harry asks what must have happened to Aryan. Imlie says goons must have given him some sedative. She says she will get Aryan right in front of goons.

Police visits Rathod House and questions family if they doubt anyone behind Aryan missing. Jyoti says she doubts Kairi.

Kairi visits goon’s den/pub. Guards stop her. She starts her drama and says she needs alcohol as she is a big alcoholic. Goons agree seeing her drama. Dolly and Neela support Jyoti and say they doubt Kairi behind Aryan missing.

Arpita and Sundar support Aryan. Police ask if they have Kairi’s ID or had her police verification. Narmada says Kairi is Imlie’s friend from Pagdandiya. Police checks Kairi’s bag and finds jewelry in it.

Jyoti recalls hiding jewelry in Kairi’s bag. Arpita says Kairi cannot steal as she is Imlie. Sundar stops her and says she means Imlie’s friend and tells her that they cannot reveal Kairi’s identity. Gudiya says she is sure Kairi kidnapped Aryan. Police leaves saying for the time being Kairi is in their radar.

Kairi demands cheap liquor from the bar staff. She watches new of Aryan being kidnapped and family still not getting any ransom call.

She thinks now many goons will get behind Aryan for the ransom money, so she needs to rescue him first. Goon also watches the news and takes Aryan from there. Kairi continuing her drama thinks where the goons are taking Aryan.


Imlie 5th July 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Malini determines to play a game with Imlie and take revenge from her.

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Telecast Date:4th July 2022
Distributed By :Star Plus And Hotstar


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