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Imlie 3rd November 2022 Inspector praises Imlie for informing police about the accident on time and says they found a dented car and brought its owner. Constables bring Jain in. Everyone are shocked to see Jatin. Chini thinks she will be caught if Jatin opens his mouth. She says Jatin didn’t do anything, he is her friend and was with her when the accident happened. Imlie says they know Jatin, he is a good man.

She asks inspector to check CCTV footage of the area. Inspector says CCTV camera around the accident area are not working. Inspector leaves. Chini walks to Jatin who says friendship is the first step of love. Chini walks out with him. Imlie watches them and thinks why Chini was with Jatin. Devika takes Imlie from there.

Rudra recalls fighting with Atharva and blames himself for Atharva’s condition. Manish comforts him and takes him from there. Divya blames Imlie’s auspiciousness for Atharva’s accident. Devika asks him not to say that as Imlie saved Atharva instead. Shivani blames Imlie next. Imlie says she trusts maiya and can never be inauspicious to her husband. Shivani continues to argue and drag Imlie out of the hospital.

Jatin takes Chini out and asks if Imlie is so dumb that she blindlyu trusted him without investigation and can’t see her sister eyeing on her husand. She asks him to shut up and asks what does he need. He says he needs regular compensation and 1 lakh rs immediately. Chini says he doesn’t have money right now and needs time.

Keya and Akash smirk seeing Shivani making their job easier and kicking Imlie out of the house on the first day of marriage. Keya sielntly enters Atharva’s room and manipulates his oxygen mask. Shivani continues to humiliate Imlie calling her inauspicious for Atharva. Imlie pleads her not to say that.

Arpita and Rupali notice them and asks what is happening. Shivani says Imlie is inauspiocus for Atharva and shouldn’t be in his life. Arpita and Rupali get concerned. Shivani walks away warning Imlie to never come near Atharva. Chini walks to them and asks what is happening.

Arpita explains what Shivani said. Chini finds an opportunity and says they should take Imlie back home if she is not respected by her in-laws. Sundar stops her and says Imlie married just yesterday and they can’t break her marriage. Arpita says Rudra and Devika are on Imlie’s side, so they need not worry.

Rudra learns about Shivani’s atrocity and tongue lashes family for being mum. Devika says he should go and get back Imlie in. Imlie walks towards Atharva’s room when Shivani stops her and tries to break her mangalsutra.

Imlie frees her mangalsutra and runs towards Atharva sensing him in trouble. She notices Atharva gasping for air and calls doctor. Keya silently enters and malfunctions door locks both from inside and outside. Family calls doctor who says Atharva’s condition is critical and orders to call door mechanic soon. Imlie panics seeing Atharva’s condition.


Imlie 4th November 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Atharva accuses Imlie of fooling him and says he will not stay with him in a room as he doesn’t love her.

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Telecast Date:3rd November 2022
Distributed By :Star Plus And Hotstar


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