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Imlie 3rd May 2022 Imlie warns everyone that if anyone gives dowry on Arpita’s wedding then there will be consequences. She says Nanda should be thankful that Sundar went for shopping. Else he would have seen her true colors. She leaves. Nanda tells Narmada if she can’t give her dowry then she will not get the chance to perform the tilak ritual of Sundar.

Aryan gets ready and learns from decorators that almost all arrangements are finished and got approved by someone. Aryan says who approved and they point at Imlie who checks the mandap decoration. Aryan gets mesmerized looking at Imlie. (Rahoon Mai Unse Mulakat Ho Gayi plays in background) he stares at her and Madhav comes in between.

Madhav asks Imlie that she told him to send report in mail box but he couldn’t find the box yet. Imlie makes him understand she was talking about email box. He didn’t need to come here. Aryan says it happens sometimes.

He further tells Madhav to attend the wedding. Madhav feels nervous and Imlie tells him that Aryan may look rude but as a partner he is the best. Imlie then diverts the topic and feels awkward for saying the line. She drinks water and both of them feel hesitant to face each other. One girl observes them both from outside.

Narmada prays to God that people value gold more than the feelings or emotions. She is afraid that the wedding will happen properly or not. Imlie and Meethi assure her that everything will be fine.

Aryan comes and Narmada says the tilak ritual of Sundar is yet to happen. She tells him to bring Arpita but he says Imlie can go instead of him. Narmada says Aryan is trying to hide his pain as he won’t be able to control his tears seeing his sister in bridal look. Imlie takes Aryan with him when he denies he is just saying normally.

Aryan tells Imlie he feels bit nervous and he can’t be able to face Arpita today. She stops him and tells him to cry saying he told her the same thing when she got heartbroken. He should not hide his pain but vent it out.

He hesitates and she says she has her own technique. She closes his eyes and tells him to remember the person who will never leave his side and with whom he feels safe. Aryan sees Imlie after closing his eyes and he asks her is it true you won’t leave me? Imlie can’t find any answer.

Arpita comes to them and teases them saying they didn’t go on a honeymoon thus they got lost in each other instead of meeting her. Imlie compliments Arpita and she understands Aryan’s condition. She hugs him and gets emotional. She says she will miss him the most. He says he has lots of works to do. He leaves hiding his tears and then turns back to see Arpita.


Imlie 4th May 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Imlie and Aryan dance together and a girl performs some ritual there. Imlie loses Aryan in the crowd and she sees the girl behind her.

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Telecast Date:3rd May 2022
Distributed By :Star Plus And Hotstar


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