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Imlie 3rd May 2021 Aditya walks to Malini and asks if she is fine. Malini says she hadn’t thought that he would come and asks if he didn’t go to office. He says she came to pick her up after discharge, asks if her boyfriend knows that she is in hospital. She says sorry. He asks if she spoke to him. She asks whom and reminisces lying to him about a fake boyfriend to know his, truth which he didn’t reveal, and she has to continue her lie now. She says she didn’t have phone in college, so she couldn’t contact him. He says he can help her as he must also be worried for her, so should speak to him and he will be out till then. She says she doesn’t want to complicate the issue, so she will not. He says its because of him and she is bound by their marriage. She says she knows he will free her from marriage, her family doesn’t know about this truth and papa will be very sad. He says her mom would be happy though. She says she doesn’t know, but hiding the truth is not right. He asks to drop the curtain and unveil truth to everyone. She says its not easy, she doesn’t want to hurt anyone. He says he can understand her situation and thinks she is also in dilemma like him and if he frees her, she can be happy with someone else at least. She asks why is he connecting himself to her guilt. He says let us go home. She asks why. He says that house also belongs to her and people there love her and would be happy, but if she doesn’t want, he will drop her to her mom’s house. She says she will accompany him, she shared her biggest problem with her bestfriend and wants to give Adi a same chance, anyways she loves Adi’s family and doesn’t want to disappoint anyone. He tries to help her. She says its okay, she will manage. He says he was just helping her. She says she knows how it is to lose and wants to stand up for herself. He asks her to get ready while he finishes discharge formalities and walks away.

Anu with Dev visits Tripathi House. Aparna and Taiji say they have made all arrangements for Malini’s stay here. Anu says she knows, but what if Malini doesn’t come here at all. Aparna asks why is she saying this. Anu says she gave them many gifts till now and their list of promises is bigger than her list of gifts, but there won’t be anything to write if she lists the promises they fulfilled. Imlie prepares tea, Rupali asks her not to come out in front of Anu and takes tea tray. Anu continues that they never fulfilled their promises and says she has a condition if they want Malini to return here. Dev says its not a condition but just.. Anu says it must be a democracy for Dev, but not her; she will not agree until her condition is fulfilled. Rupali brings tea for her. She asks where is the servant. Rupali says servant’s name is Imlie and she is resting after donating blood, looks like Anu doesn’t read current affairs and hence doesn’t remember the name which whole world knows. Taiji asks Rupali to go in. Anu says let her stay and hear her condition. Aparna asks what is her condition. Anu says if they want her daughter to return to this house, they should send the servant out of house. Tauji asks if she wants them to ransack Imlie. Anu says its their problem. Pankaj says they had thought of a hostel for Imlie and needs at least a week for the formalities. Dev says let Imlie stay at his house as she would replace Malini. Aparna asks if Anu also wishes same. Anu says sometimes their wishes don’t work and her husband wants this. Dev says he wants it and tells Tripathis that he knows they consider Imlie as their daughter, he will also keep Imlie with respect. Anu says she will keep Imlie as a guest but not as a daughter and she can do anything to protect her daughter from a servant. Tauji says they will ask Imlie her wish and only if she wants to, they will send her with them. Anu says they can do whatever they want, she wants to take Imlie from here before Malini comes as she doesn’t want Imlie’s evil eyes fall on Malini.

Adi discharges Malini and asks her to sit in car while he calls family and informs them that she is coming home. Malini thinks he doesn’t look like her husband now as someone else took her place in his heart. He returns and drives car towards home.

Nishant walks to Imlie and asks her to accompany her. Rupali stops him. Nishant insists that they both want family’s betterment and takes Imlie to Anu. Anu asks Imlie to pack her bag and accompany her. Imlie stands silently without obeying her. Anu says looks like this house’s servants don’t follow orders and repeats to pack her bag and accompany her. Dev stops Anu. Imlie looks at everyone’s face. Anu says they all have taken this decision together. Nishant informs that Adi and Malini are on their way home. Anu asks Imlie to pack her bags soon as she doesn’t want Anu and Malini know her location. Tauji says he told her that they will ask Imlie’s wish first. Anu says they have spoilt thier servant. Dev asks her to stop and tells Imlie that he and Daadi would feel good if she stays with them and Anu will not trouble her there. Pankaj and Aparna promise Imlie to call them whenever she likes and not feel alone. Imlie thinks when she came here, they gave her so much love when Adi was against her, and when Adi is supporting her, they are going away from her; its better for Malini’s future, so she should go to Dev’s house. Anu asks if she doesn’t want to go with them as she has something special here. Dev asks Imie again if she will come with them. Imile says she will bring her bag and leaves.

Adi while driving tells Malini that everyone would be happy seeing her home. Malini asks even Imlie? Adi says she is excited to see her at home and is preparing her favorite sour bhindhi. Malini says Imlie knows her choice well and thinks she has to go to Adi’s house even when she doesn’t want to and thinks why is she feeling alone even after being so important to both families.


Imlie 4th May 2021 3rd May 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Malini asks family about Imlie. Adi asks Sundar why is Imlie not helping him. Rupali informs that everyone sent Imlie to Malini’s parent’s house.

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