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Imlie 31st March 2021 Prakash confronts Imlie and asks if Malini is Aditya’s wife. Imlie pleads not to inform about it to Mithi and agrees that Malini is Adity’a wife. Prakash says that means Aditya is using her. Mithi reminisces all the incidents after marriage and says she knows Adi was engaged to Malini and stayed in Adi’s house as a maid, but family treated her like a daughter; Adi married Malini and he will not come here. Prakash says Imlie should get that right and he will inform dadda/Satyakam about it. Imlie warns that until she is alive, nobody can harm Adi; she says she thought Prakash understands her, but she is wrong; Adi cannot be with her, but loves her a lot. Prakash asks then why did he leave her. She reminds how he supported her since childhood with each incident and requests to continue helping her. He asks what will she do then. She says she will return to city, give her entrance exam and wait till results come. He asks if she will stay with her in-laws as maid again. She says she will stay in hostel. He says he will drop her to city, get her admission in hostel, and then return back. She thinks she convinced him somehow and prays god to not let anything wrong happening again.

Next morning, Tripathi family while having breakfast insist Nishant to get married. Malini asks why don’t he want a life partner. Adi walks in and ignoring her starts breakfast. She feels bad seeing that, but asks Vishal why he doesn’t want a life partner. He says a woman sacrifices everything after marriage, but if their thinking don’t match, she would be compromising for him. She reminisces Adi understanding her earlier and says not necessarily. Adi says he should get a life partner who will challenge him constantly and change regularly as change is constant and the rule of life, there is no life without changing. Malini says she is talking about walking together and there should be some logic in relationships. He says relationships don’t work on logic, reminisces Imlie telling same, and walks away excusing to make important call.

Imlie gets ready to leave for city with Prakash. Mithi says good she is returning to her in-laws as they must be missing her. She gives shirt gift for Adi and money to buy sweets for her in-laws. Bus comes. Mithi hugs her asking to take care of herself and greets Jai Seeta Maiya Ki. Imlie with Prakash gets into bus. Prakash asks how can she so easily lie to her mother. Imlie waves at Mithi and says amma is smiling and once she finds out truth, she will not smile again; so hiding truth is good.

Adi walks to his room and calls Imlie. Prakash noticing Adi’s number rejects it. Imlie returns removing her sindhoor and mangalsutra. He asks why did she remove them. She says she told that she is unmarried in city. He asks what if she cannot be unmarried and requests to marry him. Imlie stands shocked hearing that. Adi repeatedly calls Imlie and thinks he called her 5 times since morning, why isn’t she picking call. He calls Pagdandiya post office and asks postman to call Imlie or her family. Postman asks him to wait for 5 minutes. Mithi runs in and speaks. He greets her and says Imlie is not picking call since morning, if she she is fine. Mithi says if he is worried that if Imlie boarded bus safely and informs that she is coming to Delhi with Prakash via 7 a.m. bus. He says he will call her later and discoonects call. Prakash tells Imlie that he loves her since childhood and came back for her after studies, but was disheartened seeing her already married to traitor Aditya; she should marry him instead. Imlie says Adi is her husband and will always be, so he should return back as she cannot forget her pain if he is around her. He says he is accompanying for her. She says she is thankful that her friend is with her and just considers her as friend. He says if she considers him only a friend, he will never leave her alone.

Aditya thinks Pagdandiya bus must be coming anytime, so he should go and receive Imlie. Malini walks to him and says she needs to talk something important. He says he is going on some important work, so will speak to her in the evening. She stands disheartened while he walks away. Imlie reaches Delhi, and Prakash goes to bring snacks for her as she didn’t have anything since morning. Imlie thinks amma was right that she should have something before leaving. Adi offers her snacks and asks why didn’t she listen to her mama, holds her hand and asks how is she. Tauji and Taiji come to same bus station to drop a guest. Imlie asks why didn’t he pick her call. He says he called her repeatedly, but couldn’t speak to her. He asks if she also loves him and came to meet her. She frees her hand and says she came here for studies and asks him to go. He asks where will she stay, she cannot stay in hostel for long without much money. Prakash returns and says Imlie is not alone and he is there to take care of her. Adi blames he wants to take his place. Prakash says Imlie brought him along. Adi warns not to interfere between him and his wife. Prakash asks which wife, Imlie or Malini. Imlie says she didn’t tell him anything. Adi says Prakash is just a friend and he is Imlie’s husband and has first right on her.


Imlie 1st April 2021 31st March 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Tauji sees Imlie with Adi. They both get tensed seeing Tauji.

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Telecast Date:31st March 2021
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