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Imlie 30th May 2022 Aryan assures Imlie that they always will be there for each other. Jyoti comes in and calls him for dinner. Aryan asks Imlie to have lunch while he sends some emails and join her. Jyoti shows her fake concern for Imlie, gives her abortion pills saying they are supplements, and asks her to take one daily after lunch.

Gudiya and Nila provoke Narmada against Imlie saying Imlie is free from the responsibilities of children and even provoked Aryan against Narmada. Narmada says she won’t let that happen. Jyoti walks in and asks Narmada to relax as she gave medicines to Imlie which will cure her infertility and get her pregnant soon. Narmada thanks her for thinking about her family more than Imlie.

Nila and Gudiya get angry with Jyoti’s behavior and warn her to stop ruining their efforts. Jyoti says she is trying to win everyone’s trust first and then will take advantage later. She hopes Imlie takes infertility medicine become infertile forever. Imlie is about to take the medicine when Aryan shows her some card.

The medicine falls down. He says they decided not to discuss about children, but he feels they should adopt a kid from the orphanage. Imlie says she will deiscuss abou tit first with Arpita and Narmada as she doesn’t know if she can take up such a big responsibility.

Aryan visits an orphanage with her which he plans to supportunder Arvind foundation. Orphanage kids get afraid seeing Imlie Imlie cheers them up with her funny story. Kids insist her to play and dance with them and addres her and Aryan as uncle and aunty. They both laugh hearing that. .

Aryan gets the legal documents ready to adoption the orphange under Arvind trust. Back at home, Jyoti provokes Narmada saying Imlie went out with Aryan. Narmada gets angry thinking Imlie must not have taken supplement pill for sure as never bothered about their family’s happiness.

yoti reveals that Imlie wants to adopt kids. Narmada feels shocked hearing that and reaches orphanage with Jyoti and Gudiya. She humiliates Imlie and alleges her that she is provoking Aryan to adopt kids. She declares that only Aryan biological kid can be par rto of they family and not any orphan kid.

She further says Aryan should marry either Gudiya or Jyoti who can give him child and doens’t allow Imlie to speak. Aryan stops her and reveals that he wanted to adopt a child while Imlied wanted to seek Narmada and Arpita’s permission, but Narmada didn’t even let Imlie speak. He says he will name the foundation on Narmada’s name and tells Imlie that they can’t adopt a child as the child will not get lovable family from them. Imlie emotoinally hugs him.

Jyoti gets irritated seeing Aryan’s support for Imlie and thinks why Aryan and Imlie get closer failing her careful plans. After some time, Imlie chats with Imlie and hesitates to discuss her ordeal with Meethi. Jyoti encourages her and says her mother will understand her pain.

Imlie says she snatched the happiness of fatherhood from Aryan and is feeling guilty for that. Jyoti acts as consoling her and asks her to take the supplement pill. Imlie consumes pill. Jyoti grins and thinks with just one pill, Imlie will make her nights dark with her tears; soon Aryan will be with her.


Imlie 31st May 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Imlie feels drowsy while performing ritual in the temple and collapses. Narmada rushes to her concerned. Ladies says she fainted as she is pregnant.

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Telecast Date:30th May 2022
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