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Imlie 30th January 2021 Imlie excitedly window shops in a shopping mall and picks stuff. Sundar signals salesgirl who snatches stuff from Imlie and asks her to leave. Sundar taunts Imlie. Taiji picks modern dresses. Sunny and Tinkle insist her to try a dress. She says she doesn’t wear these kind of dresses. Family insists. Taiji and Aparna wear dresses and come out. Family stand surprised and say they are looking very pretty and young in these dresses. Tauji says Radha is looking very young and Rupal’s elder sister. Rupal says welcome sister. Sunny says they are looking s*xy. Taiji scolds him. Pankaj gets romantic with Aparna. Aparna shyingly goes to change. On the other side, Imlie tries sandals and other stuff. Salesgirls stop her. She gives lecture that customer is like a god and they should respect customer, her village’s tea vendor respects customers and gives them free biscuits, so she is customer and they have to serve her.

She wears sandals, goggles and holds bag again. Store manager seeing that shouts how dare she is to wear these being a beggar and orders staff to snatch stuff from her and throw it away, she is fit to sell balloons outside mall and if she can’t do that, she should beg money. Imlie nervously says she knows a big reporter. He says he doesn’t care and kicks her out of shop. Sundar feels guilty that his small prank insulted Imlie so much. He apologizes Imlie and says he will inform Malini about it who will confront manager. Adi walks to them and asks what are they doing here. Sundar informs what just happened. Adi angrily walks to manager and says he is that big reporter whom the girl was talking about, he is Bhaskar Times’ Chief Executive Reporter Aditya Kumar Tripathi who will print a front news about how a store manager kicked out an 18-year-old girl as her clothes and talking style was different. Manager apologizes him. He asks to apologize Imlie instead. Manager apologizes Imlie and personally shows her clothes while salesgirls serve snacks and fan Imlie. Aditya brings whole family. Imlie excitedly expresses howmuch she is enjoying. After trying many dresses, manager asks if he should pack them. She asks to throw them away as she touched them and walks away with pride.

Malini returns home with Adi. Adi shows her dresses. She thanks her. He says he bought one for Imlie. She says he bought a dress without her for the first time, she is happy for that and like family is connecting with Imlie, even he is connecting with her. Adi says he felt bad seeing Imlie being insulted in a mall just because of her village language and dress, so he brought dresses for her and Malini should give them to her. Malini says after marriage, she is falling with her husband once again seeing his kind nature. He says he thought she was impressed with his good looks. She says yes, but she is more impressed with his good qualities. He says let us sleep now as his dream may fulfill tomorrow. She insists which dream. He says good night. She says sadu/boring.

Shen then walks to Imlie with clothes and asks what is she doing. Imlie says she is tasting Imlie and asks her to taste it. Malini says its tangy. Imlie says it will for a few seconds and then she will like it. Malini says just like someone also is starting to like her. Imlie asks who. Malini says Aditya who brought dress for her. Imlie gets silent hearing that and asks if she spoke to her father. Malini says he is fine and fights happen between her parents, so she need not worry. Imlie reminisces Dev trying to suicide and says she is worried that Anu doesn’t stop him from meeting her. Malini says papa will meet her often when he will meet her. Imlie says her papa gifted her chocs. Malini says papa loves her also then like her. Malini says she hasn’t seen her father, but she feels good seeing Dev pampering Malini. Malini says she knows who her baba is, her papa is her baba as they share same blood now and she is her younger sister now. She asks her to rest now. Imlie says even she doesn’t have any elder sister, elder sisters scolds younger sister for her mistake but also forgives, asks Malini if she will forgive her for her mistake and never backs off from her.


Imlie 30th January 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Adi shows his award to Imlie. Imlie gifts him coin saying she doesn’t have anything precious than this. She holds award and smiles when Malini enters.

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Telecast Date:30th January 2021
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