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Imlie 29th March 2021 Aditya returns to his room and searches for Malini. He asks Sundar about Malini. Sundar says she went to her parent’s house with all her stuff. Adi sits sadly. Aparna enters saying if he is feeling bad when someone left uninformed; asks howmuch he will lie, Malini and they were all so worried for him, Malini even went to his office; she knows he went somewhere else and not Jamshedpur and lied to everyone. Adi bends his head. Aparna says he insulted Malini and gave her pain, it proves that she is not a good mother and didn’t give him good upbringing.

Dev knocks Malini’s room door. Malini stands up and falls down unconscious. Dev senses it, breaks door open, rushes to her worried and calls Daadiand Anu. They also rush to her worried.

Imlie thinks of Adi that he must have reached Delhi by now and met Malini, thinks god gave her so much happiness, etc., then thinks she should stop thinking of Adi and study. She pronounces words wrongly and remembers Adi scolding her and teaching them right. She tries pronouncing wrong and imagines Adi entering and correcting her. He asks why she purposefully pronounces wrong. She asks why did he go. He says she should have stopped him, etc. Out of imagination, Imlie apologizes Seeta Maiya for thinking about Adi as only Malini has right on him, prays to give her complete right on Adi in next life, etc.

Malini opens eyes. Anu scolds her for troubling herself and ruining her health. Daadi asks why is she scolding Malini. Anu says because Malini is not blaming her husband for her bad health and is trying to sacrifice her life for a man who doesn’t even care for her; Tripathi’s are not even worried for her and are supporting their son instead. Malini says they care for her. Anu asks they why didn’t they come here, they have right to worry for their son, but she cannot worry for her daughter and will not let her go back to Tripathis. Daadi says if Malini wants to return to Adi, they cannot stop her. Anu says Malini is crying for a man who didn’t even come to see her. Dev stops her and says let us have a family vacation and go to Missouri bungalow. Malini says she doesn’t want to as Adi may come anytime and she doesn’t want to repeat a mistake which Adi did. Anu walks away fuming. Malini thinks what if Adi doesn’t return to her at all.

Adi’s boss calls him and says his phone got connected after 4 days. Adi says he was busy in personal work. Boss asks if Pagdandiya is his personal work, he knows he was forcefully married to Imlie there. Adi asks if he informed Malini about it. Boss says he lied Malini, he is proud of Adi’s professional life and is ashamed of his personal life, how can he betray Malini and ruin her life. Adi says even his and Imlie’s lives are ruined and he is trying to correct his mistake. Boss says looks like he chose his path, he shouldn’t do injustice to Malini though. Adi thinks his feelings for Imlie is true, he doesn’t want to betray Malini, but fate betrayed Imlie twice, etc.

Mithi with Prakash walks to Imlie and seeing her sad says she must be remembering Adi. She offers her jalebi and asks her to cheer up. Imlie says she is not sad as she has her, Prakash, Chuari, and many more and cries. Mithi asks her to call Adi if she is missing him and goes to bring his number. Prakash asks Imlie if she doesn’t remember her husband’s number. Imlie tells number. Mithi says she remembers it by heart. Imlie remembers Adi writing his number on her hand and making her remember it. Mithi asks her to call Adi and gives phone.

Adi reaches Maliini’s house and asks Anu how is she. Anu asks what does he need. He says he came to, just then gets Imlie’s call. Anu says his attention is divert even before taking Malini’s name. Adi disconnects call and says he wants to meet Malini. Anu says Malini is lying weak in bed. Adi rushes towards Malini’s room.

Imlie informs Mithi that Adi must be busy at work and didn’t pick call. She thinks he doesn’t work at this time, then why didn’t he pick her call. Prakash confronts her, asks about her and Adi’s relationship, and says he knows Adi had a girlfriend before he married Imlie, what happened to her. Imlie nervously says Adi never troubled her. Prakash says what did Adi give to her. Imlie says he gave her a lot, a respect in society, dream, etc.. He asks if she is worried that Adi went to someone else. She says he is talking rubbish.


Imlie 30th March 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Malini calls Prakash and says she got a call from this number. He asks who is she. She says she is Malini, Aditya Tripathi’s wife. He drops phone in shock.

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Telecast Date:29th March 2021
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