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Imlie 27th March 2021 Aditya tells Imlie that if she wants him to return to Delhi, she should spend today with him. She says he needs to return home as Malini is waiting for him. He says she should also accompany him. She says she will have to stay as servant with him again. He says he made a mistake and why she wants to punish him for his mistake, she can taunt him repeatedly but not stay away from him. She asks if he remembers her each word. He says yes and his family kept her at home like a daughter, so she should return for them at least. She says she will be called a servant and that would be only her identity. He says she will build her own identity; she fight with anyone who confronts her and fights with anyone for her right, even him and society, etc., and is about to express his love for her when she stops him and says its Malini’s right and she will not let anything wrong happening with Malini. She walks away. Adi thinks Imlie has first right on him and when she is ready to sacrifice for him, even he has think about her and take her to Delhi at any cost.

Next morning, Imlie prepares rotis for Adi while he is asleep and reminisces Adi’s concern for her. Mithi returns home. Imlie asks where was she whole night. Mithi says she was at Bindiya’s house and sees roti burning. Imlie picks roti with bare hands and says its for Adi. Mithi asks why is she preparing dry roti. Imlie says Adi likes her dry rotis and she told to give dear ones something when they go away to let them remember them and return back. Mithi reminisces Dev and says some people don’t return, but Adi will remember her for her rotis and will return to her. Imlie thinks she doesn’t want Adi to remember her and stops preparing rotis. Adi wakes up. Mithi asks to serve him roti. She says se didn’t prepare them. Mithi asks her to drop Adi to bus station and feeds sweet curd to Adi. He touches her feet and leaves with Imlie.

While waiting for, Adi asks Imlie to study well, don’t go near Dulari as she will create any problem again, and take care of amma/Mithi. Imlie asks if he called her amma as amma. He says he would call her according to relationship and not by name. Bus comes. Imlie asks him to take Seetha Maiya’s idol, which his family gifted her, back as it will remind her of his family and she doesn’t want to remember them. He holds her face and asks her to make he ramma and dadda pride, etc., and gets into bus asking her to take care of herself. Imlie stands crying. Adi thinks he feels he was safe with her and he is happy only with her. He imagines Imlie telling that he is not remembering but her fat roti and reminds him of their first journey from Pagdandiya on bus roof after marriage. He asks why didn’t she give him roti as he saw her preparing them. He then realizes it was his imagination.

Dev returns home and thinks Mithi did right by not accepting him back as he lost her trust by ransacking her and her daughter. Security guard asks if he should take luggage inside. He says guard can take it home for his children. Guard thanks him. Anu inside home tells Daadi that she is unable to explain Mithi. Dev walks to them. Anu asks how is he. He says he is fine. She asks if his Mumbai exhibition wasn’t good. He asks how is Malini. She says emotional and weak like him as she hasn’t had food since her husband left. He asks Daadi what is Anu telling. Daadi says Malini is disturbed and he should go and speak to her. Dev leaves. Anu says unfortunately Malini got her father’s heart and mother’s fate, Adi is doing with Malini same Dev did with her; she doesn’t want bitterness in her daughter’s heart which will not let her live in peace, she will prove Malini that Adi is not right for her.

Adi returns home. Family notices him but ignores. Adi asks Tinkle and Sunny if they are doing homework, he has brought gifts for them. Rupal scolds and takes them in. Adi then walks to Tauji and Tauji who ignore him and walk away. Even Pankaj and Dhruv ignore him and walk away. He then walks to Nishant who also ignores him. Aparna gets happy seeing him, but ignores and asks everyone to come and have food. Adi asks if she will also ignore him. Aparna walks away with Nishanth. Adi thinks family doesn’t know truth, even then they are angry on him, how will they and Malini react if they find out truth.


Imlie 27th March 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Anu confronts Adi that Malini went unconscious in his absence, she wants to know where he had gone. Malini says she fears Adi is far away from her even being near, if they will clear the distance.

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Telecast Date:27th March 2021
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