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Imlie 26th May 2022 Panditji asks Rathores to start Imlie’s swing pulling ritual. Jyoti pulls the rope, swig breaks down, and Imlie falls down. Aryan gets worried for Imlie and rushes her to hospital. Jyoti recalls cutting the rope. At the hospital, doctor treats Imlie and informs Aryan that Imlie fell unconscious after falling down and weakness.

Narmada asks if Imlie’s baby would be fine. Doctor informs that Imlie is not pregnant. Narmada asks if something happened to the baby due to the fall. Doctor says Imlie was never pregnant. Aryan says Imlie got a positive pregnancy test at home.

Doctor says home tests can be false positive most of the time, they performed Imlie’s blood tests and found she is not pregnant at all. Narmada says even these tests can be wrong and asks her to repeat the tests. Doctor agrees.

Gudiya rejoices that she has a chance to get Aryan as Imlie is not pregnant. Nila praises Jyoti for executing her plan successfully. Imlie opens eyes and asks Aryan if their baby Kichu is fine. Aryan says her health is important. Imlie gets tensed and asks if her baby is fine.

Doctor returns with reports and informs Narmada that the reports are same and Imlie’s home pregnancy kit test was false positive, she means Imlie was never pregnant. Imlie cries hearing that. Aryan tries to console Imlie saying everything was happening at a fast pace. Doctor informs Imlie that she is infertile and cannot be a mother in her life. Imlie breaks down. Aryan hugs her tightly. Nila shows her fake concern and asks how will the family lineage continue now.

Jyoti throws money at the doctor and congratulates her. She says she knew that universe is on her side and hence he asked her to lie that Imlie cannot be pregnant. She puts money garland in doctor’s neck and asks her to write a prescription to stop pregnancy. doctor says he cannot lie anymore and was feeling bad for Imlie. Jyoti threatens to kill her and expose her video of exchanging the report.

Imlie feels sad seeing parents feeding their daughter. Aryan comforts her. She cries expressing her pain. Aryan says nothing has ended yet. Imlie says she stole the happiness from Aryan of becoming a father. ARyan says they will perform the tests again as they cannot be 100% sure,

she knows the path for their goal is not easy and they need to walk on it, there are many tests and procedures and if nothing works, they can become parents by other means. She says god will handle everything. He hugs her again and his tears fall on her back. She comforts him next and says he controls his emotions easily, but today his dream is broken and he should let his emotions flow out, etc.

Narmada cries variously saying Aryan can never become a father again. Arpita comforts her and asks her not to say that in front of Aryan and Imlie and support them instead. N Nila enters and cries saying she cannot see her grandchildren’s face now. Arpita says she can see her and Sundar’s children.

Nila says Arpita is a daughter and she doensn’t want to see her and servant’s children. Arpita says she doesn’t want to hear her outdated impractical talks. Aryan and Imlie return home. Narmada takes Imlie in and asks her to rest.

Aryan to ligthen the environment says he will forget dieting today and will prepare French fries and choc milk for himself and jalebis for Narmada. He tells Sundar that men will work in th kitchen today and let women rest. Once they leave,

Nila provokes Narmada against Imlie and says she should seek a baba’s service who does some magic and cures infertile women. Narmada agrees. Onc she leaves, Gudiya confronts Nila for supporting Imlie and getting more hurdles in her life. Nila says Imlie will deny to for jhaad phook/magic on her and will make Narmada angry.


Imlie 27th May 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Narmada asks Imlie to leave Aryan if she cannot become a mother and let her get Aryan married to Preeta/Gudiya instead.

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Telecast Date:26th May 2022
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