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Imlie 26th March 2021 Imlie finds Satyakam/Dadda and says she is searching them since long, where is amma and Adi. She senses him emotional and asks if something happened. Satyakam reminisces Mithi telling that Dev is Imlie’s father and hugs her emotionally. Imlie asks if he will not tell her what happened. He says he is not her father, but always considered her as daughter and loved her more than Prakash; a daughter always has to fight in this world and even she should or else she will lose. Imlie asks whom did he take into jungle. He walks away asking to take care of herself. Imlie feels nervous. Mithi asks Dev how does he know Imlie. Dev says these words don’t matter now, he just came to apologize her for the problems she faced because of him for 20 years. She says she never cried before meeting him, everyone used to tell that she doesn’t know to cry, but she cried since he left and her kajal spread and became a blemish on her face. She continues that without Imlie’s mistake, she had to bear pain, her teacher asked her father’s name when she went to school and came home crying; Imlie became mature earlier than her age and hid her tears when she saw other children with their father; Dev should apologize Imlie instead whose tears never flowed down.

Adi imagines himself in Dev’s position and Imlie in Mithi’s position and apologizes Mithi. Mithi says she was not alone as his gift was with her. He says he feels guilty for leaving her alone. She says she was busy loving him that she didn’t find time to hate him. Out of imagination, Adi thinks he will not let Imlie suffer like her mother and will not wait for 19 years to correct his mistake, god sent him here to give him what he came for. He sees Imlie reaching there and stops her. Adi asks what is he doing here, then looks at Dev and Mithi’s direction. Adi thinks she has to face truth today and bear the pain. He turns and finds Mithi and Dev not there. Imlie asks where is amma, why did Dadda go crying, whom did Dadda drag into jungle. Adi reminisces Dev requesting to call Imlie and says let us forget all this and go home.

Dev tells Mithi that he remembers her every day and when he met Imlie, he felt her as dear one and when he found out that Imlie is their daughter, he was eager to meet her and wants to take her back home. Mithi asks if his car is at restaurant, she will drop him there and he should return to city. He asks why is she doing this. She says she doesn’t want Imlie to know that he is her father, so he should return home. Imlie tells Adi that she saw a car like Malini’s father and remembered him; whenever she sees Malini with her father, she hopes her father also loves her like that, but she doesn’t know who her father is; Malni’s father is really nice who took care of her like a father, etc. Adi thinks Dev cannot reveal truth and even he can’t.

Dev with Mithi reaches near his car and asks her why she doesn’t want him to meet Imlie. Mithi asks when he met her first, was he already married and had a daughter. He says yes. She says her daughter is very pure and true, how to inform her that her father is a liar; she found out only today that her relationship is illegal; she can live her life with this truth, but cannot let Imlie suffer like her. Dev says Imlie will find out he is her father one day and he will give his name to her. She says Imle is only her daughter and she doesn’t want Imlie to find out truth and hate her father. Dev says he is worried for her and Imlie and asks what they need. She says all city people think they can buy anything with money, she doesn’t need his money; she will not trouble a man any more who stood with her always during her troubles, fulfilled Imlie’s father’s duties and always loved her like a father, etc. Dev asks if that man is Satyakam. She walks away. He stands disheartened.

Imlie tells Adi to go home while she searches Mithi. He says her amma is not a kid and can stay without her. She says its easy to stay without her, that is why he. He says he forced his decisions on her till now, but now wants to take her with her; she wants to see him return happily to Delhi, she should accompany him. She says Malini is waiting for him and she cannot stay with him forever as a servant.


Imlie 27th March 2021 26th March 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Adi praises Imlie’s morales and qualities.

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Telecast Date:26th March 2021
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