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Imlie 26th June 2021 Aparna calls Pagdandiya post office and asks postman to call Imlie’s mother as she is calling from Imlie’s Delhi’s family. Postman informs Dulari instead. Dulari thinks it is the right chance to grab gifts from Imlie’s in-laws, lies that Mithi is not at home and herself goes to chat with Aparna. She loudly speaks with Aparna. Mithi comes out of house, and postman informs her that Imlie’s in-laws have called and Dulari went to speak to them. Mithi gets tensed thinking Imlie hasn’t revealed truth to them yet, so she should go and handle the situation. Dulari loudly asks Aparna why don’t they send gifts when Imlie visits Pagdandiya/PD.

Harish comments that is why Imlie calls her nakli naani/fake grandma. Aparna says Imlie visits PD without informing them. Dulari says she doesn’t know all that as Imlie’s responsibility is theirs. Mithi snatches phone from her and sends her away. Aparna asks if she can hear her. Mithi says she is Imlie’s mother Mithi. Aparna invites her for Nishant’s wedding and requests not to inform Imlie as its a surprise for her. Mithi congratulates her and asks what will she do coming there. Aparna says she can meet Imlie and insists her to come. Mithi agrees and says even she is missing Imlie, so will visit the wedding to meet Imlie. Harish tells Aparna let us see how will Imlie react to their surprise. Dulari insists Mithi what did they say. Mithi says they discussed about Imlie. Dulari leaves yelling. Mithi thinks she doesn’t want any problem in Adi’s life with her attendance, but she has to as he samdhis invited her for the first time.

Imlie informs Adi that Malini agrees to attend Nishant’s wedding and stay with them. Adi asks if she is sure Malini said yes. Imlie says she is sure Malini doesn’t stay at KC’s house and has left her parent’s house, so she will come and stay here for sure. Adi says he cannot believe. Malini reaches Tripathi house and stands outside reminisces Radha insulting her. T family walks out and seeing her Radha asks what is she doing here, Pankaj asks if she had any work. Malini nervously says she came here by mistake and tries to get back into her cab. Imlie stops her followed by Adi and then Nishant says if not her bhabhi, she should visit his wedding as a friend as she is the one who spoke about Pallavi first. Radha says its a wedding house with many guest and there is no place for more guests. Malini says she is right. Imlie says Malini is her guest and if she goes, she will also go.

Malini scolds Imlie to beahve with elders and says she doesn’t want anyone to be uncomfortable because of her. Nishant requests. Malini says she herself will look after her arrangements. Adi with Imlie insists her and picks her bag. She resists. Aparna says though Malini is not related to them now, but she was before and her doors are always open for her, though she shut her doors on her mother. She asks Adi to take Malini’s bag to her guest room. Imlie takes Malini in. Nishant tells Adi that its weird that Malini is no more his wife, but looks like she will be like Imlie’s sister forever. Adi thinks he can inform the truth only to Nishant, but not now. Nishant asks what is he thinking. Adi says its is special day and from hereon he has to have Pallo ji’s cheese cake daily and lose freedom of life.

Malini passes by Adi’s room and reminisces telling Adi that she left her house and world for him and is sure he will never disappoint her. She tells Imlie that KC told Satyakam will be released from jail soon. Imlie hopes Dadda comes soon as she cannot wait more, she asks if she is feeling weird to stay in a guest room. Malini says she feels weird as Imlie still stays in a corner of house and not where she should be. Imlie says she likes each corner of house and asks her to rest till she brings tea for her. Malini thinks she didn’t realize how Imlie would have felt seeing her with Adi and even after knowing, she is unable to help Imlie and get her place here or in papa’s house.

Imlie’s nok jhok with Sundar starts. Radha stops them and asks not to create any drama in front of Pallavi’s mother. Pallavi with her mother walks in. Nishant seeing Malini standing near door calls her. Malini greets Pallavi’s mother Pushpa. Pushpa says she didn’t see her before, if she is their relative. Imlie says she is her elder sister, Adi says she is his best friend. Pallavi says Malini is a professor in their college. Radha says she wants to show them engagement ring and finds ring missing from box.

Family searches ring and sees Nishant holding it kneeling down. Pallavi asks what is he doing. He says he wants to accept his mistake in front of the people whom he loves; he made a big mistake by leaving Pallavi 10 years ago and if he would have apologized her 10 years ago, they would have been together for long; he wants to spend his remaining life with her and asks will she marr him. She shyingly nods yes. He fixes ring in her finger. Everyone clap, but Imlie continues clapping. Pallavi says any girl would feel happy seeing Nishant’s proposal and maybe its Imlie’s number next.


Imlie 26th June 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Adi fixes ring in Imlie’s finger. Nishant and Pallavi stand shocked seeing that.

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Telecast Date:26th June 2021
Distributed By :Star Plus And Hotstar


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