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Imlie 26th July 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Imlie 26th July 2022 Girish kidnaps Cheeni and hides her in her school. Imlie meets inspector who informs that he granted bail to Girish with a condition that he will not leave Pagdandiya. Imlie says then he is a threat not only to Binni but all the girls in Pagdandia. Meethi rushes in and informs that Cheeni is missing.

Cheeni doubts if Girish kidnapped Cheeni. Inspector says he will order his team for blockade and will not let Girish take Cheeni away. Imlie cries worried for Cheeni. Girish carries Cheeni in a bag.

Anu asks Malini why would Girish help her. Malini says he will blackmail the journalist and force her to change her statement to prove his innocence, in that way Bhaskar Times will also be saved and Pagdandiya’s name will be ruined.

Anu asks if Aryan will support her against Imlie. Malini says Aryan hates Imlie and wouldn’t waste his time on Pagdandiya, he must be sleeping peacefully at home now. She calls Aryan and feels shocked learning that he out of Delhi. Anu asks where did he go then.

Aryan drives to Pagdandiya recalling his fight with Imlie. Channi Karde Seena Mera…. song plays in the background. Imlie searches for Cheeni. Girish continues to carry Cheeni in a bag with great difficulty and gets afraid seeing a police blockade. He notices Aryan’s car and requests lift from him. Aryan agrees and notices him keeping a bag in a backseat.

Imlie runs on road searching for Cheeni. Aryan’s car passes by splashing dirt on her without noticing her. Imlie also doesn’t notice him and shouts if he is blind. She recalls her and Aryan’s first meeting. Bahut Aayi Gaayi Yaadein.. song plays in the background.

Imlie eraches blockade and asks policeman if he got Cheeni’s information. He says not yet. Imlie then hears villagers discussing that Imlie as a lonely mother cannot take care of her daughter and her bragging of girl power is just a myth.

Imlie tongue lashes them, gets tired walking, notices a scooter, and drives back towards Pagdandiya behind Aryan’s car. Aryan asks Girish if he can keep his bag in dickie. Girish says he wants to keep an eye on the bag, then says it has important stuff in it. Aryan asks if he is not feeling hot with monkey cap on. Girish says he is ill and asks him to drop him at a guest house.

Malini panics hearing about Aryan visiting Pagdandiya and says all her hard work will go in vain if Imlie meets Aryan in Pagdandia. Anu asks her to calm down and says she can bring back Aryan before he meets Imlie. Malini says Aryan wouldn’t return for her. Anu asks what if there is a medical emergency at his house,

he will return then. Aryan drops Girish to a lodge. Girish asks if this lodge is okay to stay. Aryan says this is the best place to stay at Pagdandiya. Girish says looks like he knows this place well. Aryan recalls his stint with Imlie in that lodge and asks Girish to get out of his car. Girish apologizes and gets out of car saying he is very tired.

Imlie returns home and pours her heart out in front of Meethi worried for Cheeni, says she failed as a mother to take care of Cheeni. Meethi also cries and says Imlie became Cheeni’s mother when she brought her home and she gave good upbringing to Cheeni, so Girish should be afraid of Cheeni if he has abducted her.

She asks her to take a deep breath and think where Girish must have taken Cheeni if he hasn’t gone out of Pagdandiya. Imile says lodge and drives towards lodge. Girish gets Cheeni out of bag.


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Telecast Date:26th July 2022
Distributed By :Star Plus And Hotstar


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