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Imlie 25th September 2021 Aditya tells Aparna that he doesn’t know what happened to Imlie, how can she take decision of his life by accepting someone’s challenge, does she think he will stay with Malini if she loses her case. Aparna asks what is wrong in it. Adi says he doesn’t love Malini and cannot stay happy with her. Aparna says its god’s wish that he and Malini stay together. Imlie enters and says its neither god’s nor Adi’s wish.

Adi angrily tries to leave. Imlie stops him and says she will show him proof. Aparna says she also wants to see it. Imlie says not now as she cannot see Malini’s truth, so let only Adi see it. She takes Adi to room and shows him camera. He says he brought it for her. She says she knows, he made video for her and forgot to close it;

its very difficult for him to watch this. He watches video where he calls Imlie and Malini disguised as Imlie gets intimate with her. Adi shatters seeing that and cries that Malini was his friend since years, how can she stoop so low, etc. Imlie also cries that she wanted to Malini to understand her mistake and correct it, but its too late and she will show this video to everyone. Adi says his mom will shatter if she sees this video and apologizes her for not listening to her.

She says its not his mistake as he blindly trusted his friend, but his friend misused him for her benefit; he will go to court tomorrow while she explains family about the situation, this video should directly go to court. Aparna tells family that Imlie got some proof. Harish says she is lying as there is no proof. Radha says its her conspiracy. Aparna says Imlie was very confident, don’t know if she is telling truth. Adi walks down with her and says Imlie has proof and was always right, he didn’t trust her. Aparna asks him to show her proof. He says they will watch it directly in court.

Imlie informs KC about video evidence. KC asks her to keep it safely and bring it directly to court. He thinks he couldn’t imagine Malini can stoop so low. Malini enters. He says what is she doing here. She says she became a stranger to him from a friend. He says they found evidence against her and she cannot escape now. Malini gets nervous and says its impossible. He says he will bring evidence directly to court and asks her to leave. Malini leaves tensed. Imlie continues consoling Adi.

Adi looks at video again and thinks he thought Malini is following their friendship, but she betrayed their friendship; she has to answer tomorrow in court. Malini returns home and panics remembering KC’s words. Dev and Anu rush to her and asks what happened. Malini says Imlie found proof against her, she will go to jail now, Adi found out truth and he will hate her whole life, she loves Aditya. She falls unconscious.

Next day, court hearing starts. Judge asks KC if he has any proof against Malini. KC says he has video evidence where Malini drugged Adi and misused him without his consent. He plays video and finds it blank. Desai says there is no video at all and prosecution is wasting time. KC says there is a video. Technician checks and says there is no data in memory card at all. KC asks Imlie if she is sure this is that memory card. Imlie says yes and asks Adi to do something. Adi says when there is no data in card, he cannot do anything. KC says his data was tampered and deleted purposefully.

Desai says opposition is misleading court and wasting time. KC requests judge to give him 20 minutes. Judge says he cannot get more time as he already wasted a lot of time. Imlie takes Seeta Maiya’s oath and says there was evidence. Judge asks him to sit. She asks who is he to shut her mouth, he should give some time to get evidence again. Judge asks KC to control his client and announces that since prosecution didn’t get solid proof, this case is dismissed. Malini relaxes while Imlie shatters.


Imlie 25th September 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Imlie asks Adi why can’t he see its Malini’s conspiracy. Adi says he cannot punish everyone for Mrs Chaturvedi’s conspiracy. Malini says she is pregnant with Adi’s baby.

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Telecast Date:25th September 2021
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