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Imlie 25th May 2021 Malini packs her clothes. Adi walks in and apologizes for entering without knocking. Malini says she should be sorry instead as its his room. He asks if she still thinks he betrayed her. She asks why didn’t he inform his family yet as they would he hurt more if he delays. He says he tried to inform his family many times, but Imlie stopped him as it was question of her life; Malini can vent out her anger on him, but shouldn’t say anything to Imlie as Imlie always thought good for Malini. She says even she is thinking better for Imlie, so he should tell truth to everyone. He says he can’t as Imlie wants to meet Kunal first. She asks what? He says Imlie returned home with that condition as she cannot believe that there can be someone else in Malini’s life than him, so Malini should inform Imlie who Kunal is and where he stays. She says she took lawyer’s appointment for divorce, so he has to accompany her tomorrow.

Imlie sets up her bed in kitchen. Malini notices that and asks why is she setting up her bed here, she should inform truth to everyone and should stay with Adi. Imlie asks her to speak slowly. Malini says its truth and when her and Aditya’s divorce his happening, then why Imlie is delaying. Imlie says she can read Malini’s eyes and its reveals her immense love for Adi, so she will not believe that Malini loves someone else. Malini says reading eyes is a book literature, she is telling this as she is feeling guilty and there is no need for that as she is happy with Kunal and hence Imlie shouldn’t delay. Imlie says she knows Malini is lying. Malini asks why is she doing this as they are not related and Adi will be insulted if they try to. Imlie says she is married and Malini is not, so she should feel bad for Malini, but when she saw her first time, she felt her as dear one; god has given same blood to them and they cannot deny it; she shouldn’t forget that she is this house’s bahu and her elder sister, everyone gets happy seeing her, but they don’t seeing me. Malini says family may not accept her at the beginning, but will eventually. Imlie insists her to take her to Kunal and once she sees love for Kunal in Malini’s eyes, she will tell truth to everyone. Malini walks away asking to take care of herself.

Sundar seeing Imlie/chipkali sad asks her to help him or at least taunt. She says she is not in a mood. He says whenever something is lost, bosses blame servants always, she shouldn’t bother as she knows Anu better than him. Imlie smiles and thanks him. He asks her to serve milk to everyone. Aparna in living room discusses with family that happiness returned after many days and hopes Malini returns home. She gets angry seeing Imlie. Imlie offers her tea. Anu says she doens’t need it. Imlie asks if they need milk or coffee. Taiji says they don’t need anything. Pankaj asks to tell her what they need. Aparna says they don’t need anything. Tauji shouts to stop their childish behavior. Imlie brings 2 cups with kuch nahi/nothing written on it and says she brought what they want. Rupali says she doesn’t know about maa and chachi, but she is happy to have her back home. Imlie then takes coffee for Adi. He asks her to sit for sometime, then asks to sleep with Rupali for a few days as he doesn’t mind. She says she cannot disobey Aparna. He says he will speak to Aparna. She says things are settling down with great difficulty, then why he is adamant. He says she is having problems since she met him. She says she just wants to meet Kunal Chauhan babu. He asks why she wants to meet a person who doesn’t exist. She says when he is with her, she can face any problems and leave rest to Seeta Maiya. He says what if there is no Kunal Chauhan in Malini’s life. She walks away saying even she won’t be there in his life.

Malini returns home and remembers Imlie’s words. Dev walks to her and asks if she meet Adi, if everything is alright. She says yes. He says her face reveals nothing is right. She trying to divert the topic says she has some work. He says she is his best friend since her childhood and though she has grown up, she can discuss anything with him; asks if Adi and his family are fine. She nods yes. He asks if Imlie is fine. She thinks he is hiding truth since childhood and asks if he had visited Pagdandiya 19 years ago, why didn’t he inform her. He says he visits many places for work. She says Pagdandiya is special to him, he must have met new people and got connected to him, even with Imlie’s family, if he didn’t feel like meeting friends again. He nervously says no and tries to pick call. She asks to reply her first. He says its a client’s important call and walks away. Anu walks to her next and asks if she met Adi. Malini says Adi returned home. Anu says naukrani/servant Imlie would have accompanied him. Malini says even Imlie was present there. Anu says she couldn’t fail naukrani’s evil moves, now naukrani would be happy without Malini’s presence there. Malini says she is thinking wrong about Imlie. Anu asks why she is not accept truth even after so much happened and walks away fuming. Malini thinks what is Imlie’s reality and how can she know Aditya better than her, if she and Imlie are really related, she should visit Pagdandiya to find all her answers.

Imlie over phone speaks to Mithi and asks if she reached Pagdandiya safely and if Dulari is not in a shock seeing her sindhoor. Mithi smiles. Imlie asks not to worry about Dadda/Satyakam as Adi is hiring a big lawyer for him and he will return home soon. Mithi says she is worried for her instead and asks if she informed family about her and Adi’s relationship. Imlie says not yet. Mithi asks why she didn’t yet, Adi told he will inform truth. Imlie says she stopped Adi as she feels bad for Malini as Malini lost her love, so she doesn’t need any happiness until Malini settles down. Mithi says she is happy that her daughter has matured, she is right that Malini should get all the happiness she derves. Imlie thinks she needs to find out truth about Kunal. Malini books Pagdandiya tickets and thinks she will find out truth only there, everyone’s life changed whenever someone visited Pagdandiya, there is nothing left between her and Adi now, but maybe her and Imlie’s relationship is saved, etc.


Imlie 26th May 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Imlie tells Adi that she cannot set up her home leaving Malini unhappy. Adi says Malini is very happy and is going to Malini with Kunal. She says she will accept Adi only if Malini accepts Kunal, not until then.

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Telecast Date:25th May 2021
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