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Imlie 25th January 2021 Imlie apologizes Aditya. Aditya says he should apologize her instead. Imlie says she didn’t want to come back to Delhi from Pagdandiya, but failed; her dadda/Satyakam calls her as shagun’s 1 rs coin, but she is a fake coin. Adi says fate brought them together again, but she knows that he can only be faithful to Malini. Imlie says she knows, but village’s man cannot leave arrack shop and woman cannot leave her sindhoor; the more she sees him, she feels like throwing sindhoor and mangalsutra, but Pagdandiya doesn’t let her forgo sindhoor and mangalsutra, her country’s age old rituals don’t let her forgo them, Seeta maiya sacrificed her life for sindhoor and doesn’t let her forgo it; she knows he considers Malini as his wife, but she considers him as her husband. He says when he doesn’t accept this relationship, why should they continue. She says she will. He says he will not force her and let everything on her Seeta maiya. He walks away asking her to rest.

Adi with family returns home. Aparna gives Imlie’s bag to Sundar and asks to keep it safely. Sundar drops bag by mistake, and bridal stuff falls out of it. Malini picks toe rings and says only married ladies wear them. Aparna picks bangles. Taiji says what are they doing in Imlie’s bags. Adi reminisces removing them from Imlie. Nidhi says hospital people must have mistakenly given someone else’s stuff. Adi says she is right and he will return them. Malini stops and says a few days ago children found mangalsutra near Imlie’s bed, this must be Imlie’s. Aditya says she is stretching the issue, he will go and return them. Tauji gets worried for Imlie and says something wrong must have happened to her. Sundar says he is right, this must be belonging to Imlie. Adi angrily asks again why they are stretching the issue, Imlie must have kept them like jewelry as any other girl does. Malini says girls don’t keep mangalsutra and sindhoor as jewelry, village people believe a lot in it and possess it only after marriage. Aparna says Imlie had brought even sindhoor from Pagdandiya, he should question Imlie’s family. Adi says he doesn’t know them much and says he had bought sindhoor for Malini in Pagdandiya, Aparna knows that. Sundar says Imlie’s relatives had come to meet her during Adi’s wedding. Adi scolds and sends him to kitchen. Family discuss why Imlie didn’t let them meet her family and didn’t Aparna says yes but. Adi says they are Imlie’s employers and not her family that she would discuss her personal issues with them. He angrily walks to his room. Pankaj asks Aparna and other ladies to speak to Imlie and find out her problem as she maybe suffering a bad marriage.

Malini returns to her room remembering Imlie’s bridal stuff. Adi hugs her. She says she needs to get up early and take food for Imlie. Adi says he was missing her. She continues speaking about Imlie. He says she should pay attention to her husband also. She apologizes and starts chatting, but then reminisces Imlie’s stuff and starts that Imlie is married for sure and must be suffering via her husband, she is angry on a man who can trouble Imlie and ransack her. Adi says he is tired and is going for a shower.

Next morning, Dev gets food packed by servant. Anu asks why is he packing food. He says he is going to studio and will feed a few kids on the way. Anu gets suspicious.

Tripathi family meets Imlie. Nurse complains that Imlie is troubling her since morning. Imlie insists them to take her home. They say she should get well soon. She asks who will work. Nidhi says they all are doing their chores, so she need not worry. Family drama continues. They offer food for Imlie, but she resists. Malini says she is hungry, so she will have it. She tastes halwa and praises Sundar. Other family members also taste halwa and praise him. Imlie yelling at Sundar tastes halwa and enjoys it. Nidhi says Sundar really has magic in his hands. Pankaj jokes a bit and walks out with men. Aparna signals Taiji to question Imlie about her bridal stuff.


Imlie 26th January 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Imlie gives a letter to Dev and asks to send it to her mother. He asks to write her address.She writes Mithi. Dev stands shocked and emotional seeing that.

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Telecast Date:25th January 2021
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