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Imlie 25th April 2022 Imlie notices Arpita lost in thoughts while filling a water glass and alerts him. Arpita says she used to be lost in thoughts since childhood and asks if Sundar is fine after Nila insulted him. Imlie asks her to call him and find out. Arpita says she can’t. Imlie says she shouldn’t worry about then and not bother whether he is alive or dead.

Arpita asks her not to talk about Sundar like that she is not jus her friend and cries. Imlie hugs and consoles her. Arpita says it doesn’t matter to her as only Aryan and Narmada’s happiness matters to her.

She says society will not spare her, especially as she is a widow, and if she marries Sundar, society will taunt Narmada that her daughter was having an affair with someone and Aryan will be asked if a widow sister was a burden for him. Imlie says its wrong. Arpita says she cannot repeat her mistake again and walks away. Imlie thinks one needs courage to sacrifice their happiness, she will not let Arpita sacrifice her happiness.

Aryan overhears her and asks what she will not let happen, if it’s Arpita’s marriage. He says she is trying to ruin Arpita’s alliance since she found out about it and drags her to a room says it maybe a challenge to ruin someone’s life or changing someone’s life, he will not let her ruin Arpita;s life. He locks her in a room and walks away saying door will open once guests leave.

Imlie thinks even she cares for Arpita and will get out of the room somehow. Uday, a rude guy whom Imlie fought with earlier, visits Rathore house for alliance Arpita. She tries to get out via a window. Nila with Narmada and Aryan welcomes him. Uday walks in ignoring them. Narmada says he didn’t even reply to their greetings while Arpita is very sensitive. Uday heads to home temple. Nila praises that he is very sanskari.

Uday says he was thought to touch elders’ feet first when he visits someone’s house, nobody is elder than Matarani, so he touches matarani’s feet first. Nila praises him. Narmada gets impressed, takes him in, and calls Imlie. Imlie climbs a chair and tries to open window, but slips and falls and hurts herself.

Nila asks Narmada instead of introducing whole family, she should introduce Arpita to Uday first. Arpita enters holding juice and snacks tray. Uday takes it from her. Gudiya asks him if his mummy taught him to use god’s filter even before having food. Uday says he believes that food should be served to youngsters first. Nila says its a girl’s duty. Uday says girl and boys are equal these days.

Gudiya asks if he reads good manners post daily that he is showing his good manners. She tells Narmada days she is impressed with Uday and asks to get Arpita married to him. Narmada asks Uday about his parents. Uday says his parents are no more, he lost them in childhood and wants to marry someone whose family he can consider as his. Nila asks Arpita to take Uday aside and chat with him.

Imlie opens window and finds herself in balcony. She tries to tie her sari rope to climb down and it falls down. She notices Arpita and Uday chatting in a garden. Uday asks Arpita if she has any boyfriend, he doesn’t mind about her past. Arpita says she had a husband and is a widow now. He asks if she has a child. She nods no.

He says he likes her and is ready to marry her, asks her opinion. She sits silently remembering Sundar.
He says looks like she is not ready to reply yet, so he will leave then. Imlie jumps from balcony.

Aryan holds her on time and stops her from falling down. Imlie thinks she is dead, opens her eyes, and finds herself in Aryan’s arms. She asks if he reached even heaven. He says she will see him everywhere and drops her down. Their argument starts. She asks if he thinks she doesn’t care about Arpita, Narmada, and him; she then diverts his attention and runs inside house.

Nila asks Arpita if she likes Uday. Arpita stands silently. Nila says Arpita agreed for the alliance and is feeling shy. She complains that Imlie didn’t even come out and serve tea to Uday. Imlie walks in. Narmada asks where was she. Aryan says he locked her in a room. Imlie tries to lie, but Aryan reveals she even jumped from the baloncy to escape. Arpita asks Imlie if she is fine and scolds Aryan.

Nila praises Uday’s sanskars and says he liked Arpita and even asked if she has any child from her first marriage, this alliance is fixed. Imlie says without bride’s permission, they cannot fix alliance. She asks Arpita if he made her laugh, will he cook for her. Nila says its a rule that only boy questions girl and only girl cooks. Aryan says there is no such rule in his mother’s house, they should check each other’s compatibility and if need cook for each other. Imlie says she will test the boy in her style.


Imlie 26th April 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Uday enters Rathore mansion for a cooking test and asks whose idea was it. Aryan says its his wife’s idea. Imlie gets angry seeing Uday and shouts at him.

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Telecast Date:25th April 2022
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