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Imlie 24th September 2022 Cheeni mixes alcohol in a juice and insists Imlie to have it. Imlie refuses to have it. Atharv bumps on Imlie, and she drops a juice glass. Parul’s mother notices her and asks what is she down downstairs. Parul says she was feeling bored and wants to dance with everyone.

Cheeni rushes to her to manage situation. Imlie apologizes Atharv. Atharv points at Cheeni and in English asks what is her name. Imlie doesn’t understand English and stands confused. He introduces himself as Arto and extends his hand. She shows him namaste and bends down to pick glass pieces, thanking him for his help at a police station. He walks away.

Sundar asks why is choti chipkali/little lizard talking to a glass, she badly needs a friend. Imlie smiles. Cheeni stands aside and feels sad that Imlie spoilt her plan of making Parul elope. Atharv walks to her. Cheeni scolds him that her plan is spoilt because of him. He promises to help her in her mission. She shakes hands with him and thinks nobody can stop her from completing her mission.

Devika and Shivani notice Parul’s mother Geeta sad and ask if she is ready to see off her daughter. They talk how difficult it is to separate her daughter from her heart. Imlie joins them and says a mother is a daughter’s first love and friend and receives a long poem describing a mother and daughter’s bond.

Rathore and Rana families join her and listen to her shayari. Devika says she speaks so well, she wants to meet her mother. Imlie reveals her parents passed away when she was born and she couldn’t see her parents. Devika gets emotional. Imlie apologizes her for making her emotional.

Geeta asks Imlie to go and get Parul down as baaraat must be coming. Rudra impressed with Imlie tells Devika that children being with parents don’t value them while Imlie respects her parents even without seeing them. He prays god to keep Imlie happy always.

Cheeni gets Parul ready as a bride and asks her to be ready to elope as a bindass boy will help her elope Parul. Atharv joins them. Cheeni creates a fake story describing how Parul’s parents torture her and locked her in a room for 4 days to stop her from meeting her boyfriend. Atharv agrees t help Parul elope.

Imlie enters Parul’s room and finds her missing. Arpita and Rupali discuss that Cheeni and Imlie grew up so soon and they would also be emotional during Imlie and Cheeni’s bidayi/farewell. Narmada says it would be good if manhoos/inauspious Imlie leaves their house and they get rid off her. Cheeni gets tensed realizing Parul eloped.

Geeta enters Parul’s room and noticing her missing asks where is Parul. Narmada scolds Imlie if she helped Parul elope. Imlie realizes that Cheeni helped Parul elope.

Cheeni with Atharv sends Parul in a cab and thinks she is elder than Imlie and Imlie cannot win over her always. Narmada continues to accuse Imlie. Cheeni enters and cries that Parul eloped. Geeta gets tensed. Cheeni says she will inform everyone that Parul eloped. Cheeni says there is no need to inform anyone, she will bring Parul back.

Cheeni stands fuming. She asks Imlie why is she doing this. Imlie says she didn’t ask her when she helped Parul elope, now let her do whatever she is doing. Cheeni asks if she wants Parul to compromise. Imlie says even she doesn’t want Parul to compromise but fears that Parul is falling for a wrong man. Cheeni frowns at Imlie and walks away.

Atharv notices Cheeni and thinks his hookline took help from him and now its time for his reward. He rushes behind Cheeni. Imlie stops him and seeks his help to get some items for the bride.

Atharv agrees to help and thinks she doesn’t know bride has eloped. He drives car. Imlie seeks someone’s help to track Parul’s life location and lies that she is searching a shop. She guides him with the directions and recites her written poem. Atharv recalls listening to that poem. Imlie notices Parul.


Imlie 24th September 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Imlie traces Parul and learning that her boyfriend betrayed her convinces her to return home and apologize her parents. Rudra likes Imlie for Atharv while Atharv likes Cheeni.

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Telecast Date:20th August 2022
Distributed By :Star Plus And Hotstar


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