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Imlie 24th March 2021 Imlie reaches hotel and asks Mithi and Satyakam why didn’t they get into hotel. Mithi is shocked see Imlie in pant shirt. Hotel manager yells that one more baffoon came and yells to get out of there as their many generations cannot pay the bill. Imlie confronts him that they are farmers and labor and don’t take anything for free. Manager continues insulting her and she warns that she will complain against him for racial discrimination. Manager pushes her away. Adi holds her on time and angrily holds manager’s collar. Manager says it is illegal. Adi says even what he did with villagers is illegal and gives a long speech on farmers’ sacrifice. He tells manager that he has booked a table and orders to set a big table for his family. Villagers happily walk in and sit on chairs. Adi pulls chair for Imklie. Bindiya shows it to Mithi and says jamai babu loves Imlie a lot.

Dev heads towards Pagdandiya thinking how will Imlie react when she will find out that he is her father and what will Mithi say. He thinks he just needs their forgiveness even if they read bad.

Villagers try to eat from fork seeing other customers. Adi noticing that eats from hand. Bindiya asks why is he eating from hand. He says he doesn’t feel like having food until he eats with hand. Mithi asks Satyakam why didn’t Prakash come yet. Satyakam goes aside to call him and Mithi walks along. Adi asks what are they doing for so long. Dulari comments they always go together and don’t know what they do. Imlie mimics her husband and frightens her. Satyakam calls Prakash. Mithi says Adi may not like Satakam as he is jealous of him and feels Prakash loves Imlie. Satyakam says he didn’t realize Prakash’s love for Imlie earlier or else he would have gotten him married to Imlie. She asks why is he saying that. He says even he is suffering and she is also suffering. She asks him to stop. He says they both would have been happy if he had expressed his love for her on time and city monster/Dev wouldn’t have interfered between them.

Dev stops car at hotel. Adi walks out searching Mithi and Imlie. Someone kindaps Dev. Adi finds Mithi and asks where are Satyakam and Prakash. She wipes her tears and says they must be coming. He asks if manager insulted her again. She says no, she is happy seeing Imlie happy with him and pours her heart out that she doesn’t want Imlie to live an insulting life and hence educated Imlie, she is thankful to him for accepting Imlie even after so much happened. Adi asks her not thank him and call him Adi instead of jamai babu. She asks him to call her amma. Adi reminisces Anu warning him to dare not call her mummy ji. Imlie gets more emotional.

Aparna informs family that Anu must be coming any time to confront them regarding Adi’s behavior towards Malini. Tauji feels disappointed with Adi. Aparna says she asked Malini to return home and hopes she does. Pankaj also gets angry on Adi. Nishant asks them not to get angry on Adi as he trusts his brother. Door bell rings. Aparna says Anu must have come.

Villagers get confused seeing finger bowl and asks Imlie to tell what is it as she must have gone to restaurant in city many times. Imlie nervously says she knows and its for digestion. They squeeze lemon in water and are to drink when Adi stops them. They say they are having lemon water for digestion like city people as Imlie taught them. Dulari asks if Imlie lied to them. Adi says Imlie is right and drinks lemon juice with them winking at Imlie. Bindiya asks where are Mithi and Satyakam. He says they are coming, he just spoke to Amma. Imlie gets more impressed. Mithi searches Satyakam and asks security guard if he saw Satayakam. Guard says no. She hopes Satyakam doesn’t do any mistake in anger.

Satyakam drags Dev to jungle. Dev says he is doing a mistake as he is not from here. Satyakam says he did mistake years ago. Dev says he came here to meet his family and offers him money. Satyakam asks if he wants to meet Mithi or Imlie. Dev asks how does he know them. Satyakam angrily strangulates him saying city men like him make mistakes for their pleasure and live innocent girls pregnant alone. Dev remembers seeing Satyakam with Mithi and thinks he is Mithi’s friend. Satyakam drags him into jungle. Prakash passes by and noticning them thinks Dadda must be dragging a police informer, he should go and inform his team. He reaches restaurant and informs Satyakam’s men. Adi accompanies them.


Imlie 25th March 2021 24th March 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Mithi stops Satyakam from harming Dev.Satyakam says he will not spare Dev and tries to shoot him. She slaps him and says he cannot kill Dev as Dev is Imlie’s father. Adi hears that.

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Telecast Date:24th March 2021
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