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Imlie 23rd May 2022 Jyoti gets restless thinking about Aryan and Imlie spending a night alone last night. She asks Aryan if he is fine. He says worried about Imlie’s health. She says he is worried for Imlie, but what about him; she offers him juice. He thanks her and says it feels good taking care of dear ones. She says yes and asks what happened to Imlie last night. He says she caught cold, but is better than before.

He gets concerned hearing Imlie coughing. She asks him to give juice to Imlie. He notices her injured hand and questions her. She recalls breaking water glass in her hand feeling jealous about Imlie’s close proximity to Aryan. He asks her to bandage her wound and leaves. She feels happy thinking Aryan will bandage her hand, but gets angry when Arpita bandages her instead.

Imlie sits on the terrace looking at stars. Aryan walks to her and says he will complain his mother if she doesn’t rest properly. She shows him a dhruv tara/pole star. He says people watch moon and she is watching pole star, it will not go anywhere. She thanks him. He asks what unusual did he do that she is thanking him. She shyingly says love. He sits beside her and asks why she thinks he shouldn’t love her.

She leans over him and says not only love, but love like a pole star which stays with her. She says she thought love is like moon, but it disappears on amavas; Aryan became a pole star of her life who held her hand and showed her the path of success. He says thank you to you for showing him how to love and promises to never leave her hand again. He hugs him tightly and prays Seeta Maiya to protect her love.

Next morning, Imlie prepares dishes in kitchen singing in her usual style. Servants discuss that she is preparing it for Aryan. Aryan tries to enter the kitchen. Servant stops him and says its Imlie’s order. He sends servants away. She asks servant to get a spoon and almonds. Aryan helps her and kisses her from behind.

She feels shy and then jokes that Sundar is coming. He separates nervously. She laughs and says there is nothing wrong in kissing his own wife and asks what how would he feel when he gets children in the future. He feels nervous and leaves. Jyoti gets jealous noticing their romance and thinks she will not let negative Imlie near Aryan again.

She walks to Imlie while she is cutting vegetable and falls on her. Imlie bears a cut and starts bleeding. Jyoti acts as apologetic and asks if he is hurt more. Imlie says she is used to the small injuries. Jyoti says injuries happen not only on the body but even on the mind and it feels really bad when the dear ones hurt them. Imlie stands confused. Jyoti asks her no to feel bad about her words. Imlie says its okay.

Jyoti says she seeds Imlie and Aryan’s relationship strengthening each day and congratulates he, she then says one should get a love and if they don’t, they should snatch it. Imlie asks what? Jyoti says her book says that. Imlie says she believes love is Seeta maiya’s blessings and it should be gained by prayers and not force. She goes aside to keep something. Jyoti mixes something in the dishes and thinks she will see how will Imlie get someone’s blessings.

At the dining table, Nila tries to provoke Narmada against Imlie and says she would have found a better girl for Aryan who would have served Narmada better. Narmada says Imlie is trying her best. Nila says Imlie knows that Narmada needs medicine on time. Gudiya brings food from outside for Narmada and serves her.

Nila praises Gudiya. Narmada starts having food. Imlie brings her food and asks if she already started having it. Aryan joins them and tells Narmada prepared food as per her taste. Imlie says its okay and serves medicine to Narmada. Aryan asks Imlie to taste her food first. Imlie takes a bite and feels uneasy. Everyone gets concerned for her while Jyoti feels angry seeing her plan failed.


Imlie 24th May 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Imlie checks pregnancy kit and finds it positive. Family rejoices hearing that while Jyoti and Gudiya get jealous.

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Telecast Date:23rd May 2022
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