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Imlie 23rd April 2022 During breakfast, Nila tells Arpita that she made something for her. Arpita says she is already having food. Nila says its not food and applies turmeric on her face. Arpita sits shocked and asks what is she doing. Nila says she found a match for Arpita. Narmada says Arpita never talked about a second marriage. Gudiya says Arpita should get a second change.

Nila taunts she found a good family who are kind enough to accept a widow. Arpita starts crying. Aryan tells Arpita that he wanted to talk to her regarding this and says he wants her to move on, so if she is ready for a second marriage. Arpita says she is not ready. Narmada tells Nila that Arpita is not ready.

Nila says they should stop remembering Arvind and move on. She says she can understand Narmada’s situation seeing her son marrying and her daughter being a widow for 4 years, so she invited the boy’s family home tonight. Narmada says she will not get Arpita married without her wish and asks Arpita if she will meet them. Arpita agrees. Nila says he will inform them to visit tonight.

Imlie tells Aryan that this alliance.. Aryan says it came at the right time, Imlie was talking about it yesterday and today Arpita agreed for marriage. He tells Arpita that he hopes she likes the alliance and the boy. Arpita walks away weeping. Imlie walks behind her. Nila stops her and says she will not let her force her wish in this house. Imlie says only Seeta maiya’s wish will work in this house.

She walks to Aryan and says Arpita’s marriage. He asks if she wants to take the credit. She says she was talking about. He says she must have not thought about someone, he is sure even Arvind wants to move on. Imlie pins him down and shouts at him to stop interfering between her speech. Aryan agrees.

She says she was talking about one person when she was talking to him. He asks if she was talking about Arpita. She thinks she wanted to tell him that Sundar and Arpita love each other. Aryan asks her to speak.

Arpita walks in and informs Aryan that Narmada is calling him. Aryan leaves. Arpita then asks Imlie what she was telling Aryan. Imlie says she says same which she spoke with her and asks why is she hiding the fact that she loves Sundar. Arpita says love is which she and Aryan do. Imlie says she is talking about Arpita.

Arpita says nothing can happen between her and Sundar, so she shouldn’t talk about it to anyone. Imlie insists that Sundar loves her a lot. Aryan returns and asks what did she say. Imlie repeats. Aryan gets angry and asks how dare she say this, she should have stopped her friend from dreaming and stop herself from emotionally blackmailing Arpita.

Imlie shouts back saying is not blackmailing, even Aryan wants someone to love Arpita. Aryan says Sundar cannot be that person. She cries that he is exaggerating a small issue. Aryan says its not a small issue, Sundar is a good man and he respects Sundar for that, but it’s a question of his sister’s life.

Imlie shouts that he has a problem with Sundar being a servant, then why doesn’t he has a problem with her. Aryan asks her to stop and says he doesn’t have problem with her or Sundar’s job, he is just worried for Arpita’s future and wants her to get what she deserves and if not richer than him, he wants Arpita’s partner to give her the basic necessities. Imlie says Sundar has what Aryan doesn’t.

Aryan asks her not to say love as it’s not present between them. Arpita asks them not to fight because of her. Aryan says they are not fighting, he is just explaining Imlie. Imlie says he should seek Arpita’s opinion. Arpita says her opinion is same as she told downstairs and leaves from there. Aryan asks Imlie not to ruin Arpita’s day today and attend the meeting if she wants to. She pulls him and asks what does she mean. He says he just needs Arpita’s happiness and doesn’t need any hurdles. Imlie thinks she will attend the meeting for sure.

Imlie walks out of office after work and thinks when Arpita and Sundar love for each other, why don’t they open up. Madhav thanks Imlie for getting him internship. She says he got it with his talent, so he shouldn’t thank her. He says he is feeling excited on his first day of work and asks if even she was excited on her first day of work. She recalls Aryan punishing her and says it was a very exciting experience.

She notices a rich man yelling at a poor lady and pushing her away and confronts him. Man insults her and drives his car away, leaving her frustrated. Imlie returns home and seeing Narmada making arrangements for tonight’s meeting offers to help her. Gudiya notices that and tells Nila that Imlie is trying to become an ideal bahu.

Nila determines to spoil Imlie’s image and exchanges costly cutlery with banana leaf ones thinking Aryan will be angry on Imlie. Aryan return home and asks Narmada about Imlie. Narmada says she is helping servant arrange cutlery on dining table. Aryan thinks he knew Imie will not let their fight interfere between his family’s happiness and walks towards dining table. He gets angry seeing banana leaf cutlery and walks away searching Imlie. Nila and Gudiya smirk seeing that.


Imlie 24th April 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Imlie says she will not let this happen.Aryan asks if she will not let his sister’s marriage happen and drags her along.

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Telecast Date:23rd April 2022
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