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Imlie 22nd September 2021 Imlie leaves college crying remembering principal suspending her and ordering not to enter college again. Dev meets her and asks if she doesn’t have class today. She says its cancelled and asks if he came to meet Malini.

He says he came to meet her and says he knows Malini did wrong and seeing her going on a wrong path, he believes Imlie now; he is hurt seeing his daughters fighting and getting humiliated and requests her to take back case for his sake. She says Malini did wrong and she should be punished, she did wrong with Adi and its wrong.

He asks if they can solve this case at home instead of court. She says sins will increase if left unpunished and asks if her mother had fought for her justice, there won’t have been a forceful marriage custom in her village; she can understand his pain and doesn’t need his support, but she doesn’t want him to stop her. She thanks him for guiding him and says Malini’s mother is taking her on wrong path and he is asking her to leave the right path, he missed innocent Malini who used to support right and fight against wrong.

She asks him not to worry as soon a day will come when Malini will realize her mistake and consider her as sister again and not a sautan. Dev apologizes her on Malini’s behalf and blesses her to win this case and hopes Malini gets punishment and realizes how wrong she is.

Imlie returns home and sees family consoling Adi. She asks if everything is fine. Aparna asks how can she question after destroying everything. Imlie asks what happened. Harish says she didn’t listen to them and didn’t take back case, Adi lost his job because of her. Radha and Aparna tongue lash her that they are facing problems because of her false case. Imlie says who is editor to removed Adi from job.

Harish asks if she will question editor now and file case on him. She says she wants to prove truth. Adi shouts enough now, because of 2 sister’s fight, he is suffering; he asked her to take back base, but her adamancy made Harish lose his society presidentship, Aparna and Radha cannot go to market freely, Rupali’s colleagues are badmouthing; this whole family is suffering;

he couldn’t become a good son or a sibling and was proud of being a journalist, but he lost even that because of her; she doesn’t know how it feels when one’s dream shatter; his family lost a lot, but she didn’t a bit. Imlie remembers getting suspension letter. Adi continues venting out her anger and asks will she take back case or not. Nishant and Rupali calm him down and take him away followed by whole family, leaving Imlie crying vigorously.

Anu praises Malini that she snatched everything from servant Imlie with just one move. Malini says Imile snatched everything from her and she took it back, she feels concerned for Adi as his job was his dream. Anu says now Adi will blame servant Imlie for his job loss and force her to take back case. Back in T house, Dulari brings milk for Imlie. Imlie says she is not hungry, so Dulari can have it.

Dulari asks if something happened in college. Imlie says troubled Seeta Maiya often taking her name, but she is wrong and her family is facing humiliation because of her. Dulari says shed didn’t bear taunts in village to stop dreaming, now she feels Imlie is her fake granddaughter. Sundar brings pakoras. Dulari asks him to take it back as she will have it with her real granddaughter. Sundar says there will be problems as expected, but she should search for proof properly. Dulari says Anu and Malini are not fools to leave proof in a corner. Sundar says it can be found in a corner. Imlie says Sundar is right.

Sundar says let us search truth. Radha seeing him with Imlie scolds him to get back to work and warns Imlie not to play new game or else Adi will kick her out of house. Dulari yells at Radha. Imlie thinks she needs to find out truth before next hearing, she needs to speak to Adi. Adi lying on his bed remembers humiliation faced at office. Imlie enters room and remembers Adi venting out his anger on her.


Imlie 23rd September 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Watchman stops Imlie from entering college and reveals that she is suspended from college. KC tells Imlie that they will win the case for sure with her strong determination. Anu tells Malini that Imlie will lose case. Malini says Imlie will find neither proof nor Aditya.

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Telecast Date:22nd September 2021
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