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Imlie 22nd November 2022 Imlie asks Chini to rest. Chini says who will work then and asks her to go while she joins her after she changes her dress. Once Imlie leaves, Atharva enters Chini’s room hiding and says he wanted to meet her before going out.

Chini acts as feeling drowsy. Atharva makes her sit and asks why did she wake up if she is ill. Chini says she feels energetic seeing him and asks him to go as Imlie must be waiting for him. He says he will call a doctor. Chini says she will have medicine and rest and insists him to go. Atharva leaves.

Imlie and Chini visit a restaurant and seeks manager’s permission to decorate the restaurant according to their taste for Imlie first dinner date with her husband. Chini pretends as helping Imlie and says Arto would be in a shock today, then says she means he would be surprised. Imlie asks her to rest and decorates restaurant. Chini shows I love you lighting prop to Imlie. Imlie like it. Chini asks her to go and correct her makeup as Arto must be coming and acts as leaving the venue.

Imlie does. Atharva walks in. Bin Tere Mujhse Naraz Tha Dil.. song plays in the background. Imlie walks to him. Atharva praises her efforts to make him happy going overboard and recalls what all she did. Imlie smiles. Waiter asks for order. Atharva orders Imlie’s favorite food. Imlie excitedly asks how does he know its her favorite food. He says he had called Arpita. Imlie then realizes its her imagination and Atharva hasnt’ yet arrived.

Atharva walks in. Chini notices him coming and acts as trying to switch on I love you prop and about to being electrocuted. Atharva notices her and pulls her away. Imlie walks to them. Atharva scolds her being careless. Imlie asks why did she stay back when she had already left. Chini tells Atharva that she is helping Imlie decorate this restaurant.

Atharva gets angry on Imlie and shouts what was the need for decoration and heavy dressing as it was just a simple dinner. Imlie says she was just trying to surprise him on their dinner date. Atharva shouts its just a normal dinner and she was so desperate that she involved ill Chini in it and risking her health. Chini acts and asks him not to get angry. Atharva continues tongue lashing Imlie and walks away shouting. Imlie stands crying while Chini grins and acts as comforting her.

Akash and Keya notice all 3 of them returning home with Atharva and Imlie sad and Chini smirking. Keya says Chini is very good at conspiracies, its good she befriended Chini. Chini over phone informs Anu how she created differences between Imlie and Atharva and her plans to marry Atharva once Rudra transfers his property in Atharva’s name. Rudra overhears her conversation and walks to her.

Chini taunts her that she feels bad to see him defeated by her. Rudra says one who speaks don’t act. Chini challenges to marry Atharva and snatch Rudra’s property. Rudra says her plans will fail as Imlie would never let Atharva go out of track. Chini says its his imagination as Atharva and Imlie have already started fighting.

Imlie walks in and asks Rudra what is he doing here. Rudra says he came to check on Chini and says he is sure Imlie will take good care of Chini and get her well soon. Chini says Imlie is sad as Atharva scolded him. Rudra says problems arise between couple, one should learn to forgive and calm down the partner. He gives his own example and sends Imlie to calm down Atharva. Chini stands frowning.


Imlie 23rd November 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Imlie apologizes Atharva for the restaurant and sets up a candle light dinner date in their room. Chini feels disheartend seeing defeated by Imlie and thinks Atharva is forgetting her so soon. Atharva confronts her for spoiling his and Imlie’s dinner.

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Telecast Date:22nd November 2022
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