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Imlie 22nd June 2021 Adi walks to Nishant. Nishant says he is satisfied with everyone’s speech and cannot tolerate his now. Adi says he came to scold him. They both at once speak their childhood dialogue and laugh. Adi says he told him many times not to talk about his death as everyone have to die one day, he should thinks how Tauji and Taiji feel when he speaks about his death, their attitude defines their life and his loser attitude is wrong, why don’t he marry Pallavi if he loves her.

Nishant says he is suffering since 10 years and has accepted the bitter truth. Adi asks which truth. Nishant says his life, his jokes, his courage, etc., are short lived and he wants to spend his remaining days with his family; he cannot marry Pallavi and ruin her long life when his at the death bed. Adi asks not to say that. Nishant asks him to fulfill his brother’s last wish. Adi walks away and cries vigorously hugging Imlie. Imlie consoles him. He says he couldn’t convince Nishant. Imlie says everything is fair in love and war. He asks what should he do. She says just wait and watch.

She disguises him as sardarji with turban, moustache and beard and showing himself in a mirror says meet canteen didi’s fiance Imlinder Singh from Patiala. He says he cannot do that. She says he just has to hold Pallavi’s hand and tell that he loves her. He says she has lost her mind watching TV with Radha, he is a journalist and cannot do all this. Her jokergiri starts. She mimics a snake and signals its a sting operation for him. He says sting operation is done against strangers and not family and he will be easily caught.

She says until he trusts himself, nobody will trust him. Their nok jhok continues. She says she cannot change his plan and he should make Nishant feel jealous. He says when Nishant himself wants Pallavi to marry someone else, why would he get jealous. She says even he asked her to marry someone else, but it was superficial; she knows how it feels to see one’s love with someone else. He tries in mirror and says he cannot, why don’t she change his name from Imlinder Singh at least. She says she can’t.

Next morning, Imlie walks to family and says she wants to introduce them to her friend and calls Adi. Family says there is nobody there. Adi walks in nervously. Imlie says he is her friend Imlinder Singh from Patiala. Family curiously looks at him. She asks Adi not to shy and say hello to family. Family laughs seeing him. Adi scolds Imlie that she made him a joke. Family continues laughing. Imlie shouts at them to shut up as its not a drama. Harish asks what are they up to early morning. Imlie says its her plan to reunite Nishant and Pallavi, she will introduce Adi as Pallavi’s fiance and out of jealousy, Nishant will express his love for Pallavi and will agree to marry her. Rupali says Adi needs a makeover. Harish says Adi cannot get into a character. Pankaj says he has trained many actors and tells him that one needs to get into the skin of a character and says an actor has to remember 5 Ws, what, when..

Harish asks him to explain in layman’s terms. Pankaj says he should imagine what the character feels, where is he from, how he is from. Harish asks him to explain in more simple terms. Pankaj says he just should try to speak like a character. Aparna asks how does he know all this. Pankaj says he did acting for 7.5 years before marriage. Harish jokes he acted as a tree in Ramleela. Aparna laughs. Pankaj asks her to be serious and teaches him how to speak. Adi fails. Pankaj mimics. Adi fails again. Harish suggests him to feel sarson da saag and makke di roti in his character. Adi asks how to smell food in his charcter Pankaj asks him to try once. Adi finally speaks like a Punjabi. Imlie claps. Rupali asks him to walk like a Punjabi. Adi fails again. Rupali brings Pankaj’s colorful shirt and asks to wear it. Adi denies. Sundar brings chains and asks him to wear it like a rapper for swag. Adi denies agian. Imlie requests him not to back off. He says Nishant will easily identify him. Nishant walks down and they all run away, leaving Adi.


Imlie 23rd June 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Adi mimics as Pallavi’s fiance at first making Nishant jealous, but then speaks normally making Nishant suspicious.

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Telecast Date:22nd June 2021
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