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Imlie 20th January 2021 School students see off Aditya and Imlie. Aditya gives Imlie’s transfer certificate and marks sheet and asks to keep them safely. Imlie asks when is he going to Delhi. He says in the first bus and asks if she has any work. She says he should leave before anyone troubles him and asks to give her love to her family. He takes herbs she packed for him and walks away asking to take care of her. He thinks he should be happy that he is going from here leaving his problems behind, but why he feels worried for Imlie. She thinks she doesn’t have any right on Adi, but why she is feeling pain separating from him. Adi leaves with Satyakam’s team members’ bike, reminiscing marrying Imlie and Malini and warning Imlie that she should forget whatever happened, giving her money, etc. Imlie stands seeing him going away.

Mithi asks Imlie if jamai babu went safely. Dulari yells why did she go between bullet firing. Imlie asks Satyakam’s men to drop Dulari in firing venue. Mithi asks Imlie if Adi will return tonight. Imlie says she doesn’t know. Dulari says Adi left Imlie forever. Adi reaches lodge and books ticket for Delhi. Satyakam’s men walk to him and says he forgot something. Adi get tensed. They say he forgot his bag and handing it to him walk away. Adi relaxes. Dulari continues yelling that there is something wrong between Adi and Imlie or else they spent night the other day but not together even during their suhagraat yesterday. Mithi says Imlie fell asleep in her room. Imlie pleads her not to believe Dulari as she always lies. Dulari says if she is lying, then she should find out if Adi is in lodge or not. Satyakam’s man asks if Imlie is fine.

Adi packs his bags to leave Pagdandiya. Mithi calls him and asks if he is fine as she heard about violence there. He says he is fine and returning back to Delhi tonight. She asks what about Imlie. He asks what. She says Imlie must also be returning with him, how will Imlie’s mother stay there. Adi asks not to worry about that. Malini informs Rupal, Nidhi, Aparna and Taiji that Adi is returning home tonight. Nidhi taunts Malini that Adi is missing her, so he is eager to return home. Malini feels shy and asks Aaprna what to prepare for Adi as he missed her kitchen ritual last time. Aparna asks to prepare palak paneer and sweet potato chat as Imlie likes chat. Malini says she forgot about Imlie.

Satyakam’s man Birju tries to leave in his bike to check if Adi is in lodge or not. Imlie tries to stop him and their tussle tarts. Dulari shouts to let him go, but Mithi also resists. Birju shoots Imlie by mistake and Imlie falls down injured and unconscious. Mithi rushes to her worried. Adi leaves in car thinking he left all his problems here and will never return. Mithi pleads Imlie to open ehr eyes, Imlie opens eyes and says its paining a lot. Satyakam reaches and panics seeing Imlie’s condition. He punishes Birju and threatens to kill him. Imlie stops him and says its not Birju’s mistake, so he shouldn’t punish him. Satyakam asks his man to call the doctor. Man says police closed all the dispensaries. He asks to call vaidya and if needed they take Imlie to the city. He carries Imlie in. Vaidya checks Imlie and says she lost a lot of blood and needs immediate care. Mithi removes bullet from Imlie’s chest with a hot knife. Dulari continues yelling that Satyakam will find out that Adi ransacked Imlie and left from his lodge, now Imlie will die. Mithi tries to stab her warning that a mother never thinks of her daughter’s death, she spared her till as she is her step mother, but not anymore. Dulari pleads to spare her. Imlie’s condidition worsens while Adi travels in his car.


Imlie 21st January 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Satyakam with Mithi carries Imlie on his back towards city when they see police searching him and hide.

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Telecast Date:20th January 2021
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