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Imlie 1st April 2021 Aditya tells Prakash that he is Imlie’s husband and has first right on her, Prakash is just his friend and will always be a friend. Tauji notices Imlie and gets happy seeing her. Imlie walks to him and asks what is he doing here. He asks why did she leave home without informing if something happened. She says she got some work in village, so she had gone there. She asks if he came for a smoke here. He says he cannot smoke even if he wants to as all shopkeepers are afraid of her and shut dooor on him. Their conversation continues. He sees Prakash and asks who is he. She says his friend and dadda/uncle’s son. He says let us go home as everyone would be happy seeing her and its a festival tomorrow. Imlie says she doesn’t want to got his house. He requests Prakash to come along and forcefully takes bag from her. She holds his hand and says she got a lot of respect in his family, but she can’t go to his house. Prakash says they are getting late. He agrees and asks to take care of herself. Imlie leaves. Adi watches hiding.

Nidhi and Rupal discuss that they don’t feel like playing holi even seeing colors. Nishant says he is here this year for festival, but feels something is missing. Taiji agrees. Sundar serves them gujia/sweets. Rupal says he is speaking a lot in Imlie’s absence. Each family member misses Imlie and discuss what she would have done if she was here. Sundar repeats that he prepared gujia for them and they are ignoring him. Malini says Sundar is missing Imlie more. He walks away shy. Nidhi tells Malini that she must be more excited as its her first holi after marriage with Adi. Malini says she doesn’t know if Adi will celebrate holi with her or not. Aparna says first holi after marriage is very special and Adi will play holi with Malini for sure. Taiji asks Malini to invite her parents for celebration.

Imlie goes to hostel for admission. Warden says she needs her identity card. Imlie says she needs 5 years for her own identity, etc. Warden says there are some rules which they have to follow. Imlie starts her usual long blabbering and impresses warden. Warden agrees to give her admission without identity card. Prakash says she will get her adhaar card soon.

Tauji returns home and informs that he met Imlie in busstand and asked her to return home, but she denied and insisted not to force her. Aparna says how can she do that, they all will go and bring her home. Tauji says he doesn’t think she will come. Aparna asks Adi to go and bring Imlie home as she listens to him. She says why will she when he is no one to her. Aparna says he is rude always. Malini thinks she thought Imlie and Adi have reconciled, if he is angry on her or himself, and hopes his mood is better during festival tomorrow.

Prakash asks Imlie not to meet or try to contact Adi again. Imlie reminiscing busstand incident says she doesn’t think he will meet her again. Prakash says its good if he doesn’t meet her as Malini is Adi’s legal wife and Imlie will always be called a second woman and will not be respected like her mother. Imlie gives her long justification. Prakash says if Adi’s family finds out that she is Adi’s second wife, they will support Malini and kick her out of house. He then says he is just worried for her and walks away asking to take care of herself. Imlie thinks she cannot celebrate festival like a suhagan even after being a suhagan.

Adi returns to his room and thinks his life was colorless before meeting Imlie and her color will not go way from his life forever. He looks at Imlie’s lipstick mark on his shirt and reminiscing the incident thinks if Imlie doesn’t want to meet her, how will he stay without meeting her, etc.

Next morning, Malini gets ready for festival and reminiscing Aparna’s words this mom was right, she got too emotional with sindhoor and mangalsutra even being well educated and cannot deny now that sindhoor is a first color which makes a woman suhagan and she wants Adi to apply it on her. She searches Adi. Aparna walks to her and praising her beauty wishes her first holi after marriage. Malini thanks her and asks if she saw Adi. Dhruv wishes Aparna happily holi, applies color on her cheek and takes her blessings. He then tries to color Malini’s cheek when she stops him and says she wants Adi to color her first and asks if he saw Adi. He says he went out some time ago. Aparna says he must have gone to bring a special gift for her. Malini thinks where did Adi go early morning. Adi reaches hostel and hopes Imlie is here. Imlie sadly watches girls playing holi. Her room mate suggests her to play holi with others and socialize with them. Imlie says she knows, but doesn’t want to play holi. Room mate insists. Imlie says she is having headache and will come in some time. Room mate leaves. Imlie thinks holi is her favorite festival, but feels each color is bland, they play holi with family and she cannot return to amma. Adi enters and asks why don’t she play holi with him. She asks why did he come here, what if someone sees him. He says let them see him.


Imlie 2nd April 2021 1st April 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Adi enjoys playing holi with Imlie while Malini hopes he applies color on her first.

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Telecast Date:1st April 2021
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