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Imlie 19th April 2021 Malini shows her office to Imlie. Her colleague lecturer takes her aside to discuss lecture, and she leaves asking Imlie to stay there. Students laugh looking at Imlie. Imlie feels nervous and thinks if there is dust on her face. She reminisces family’s suggestion not to get nervous and be confident and cool. She introduces herself as Imlie from Pagdandiya. Student jokes that if she is Imlie/tamarind, she should be in kitchen. Another student jokes that she must be searching her friends adrak/ginger, mirchi/chilli, etc., to prepare chutney. They feel awkward seeing a poor village student in their college. Imlie gives them back that she has seen a practical world and not like them who just stay in AC, her language may be different from them, she came 2nd in state and is a scholarship student, etc. A student chokes eating something. She punches him in his back and he spits it out. Another student asks what was it. She says with just one village punch, he spit out his food, what if she punches them all, they will forget their hifi life. They all walk away afraid. She thinks good she learnt karate while accompany Tinkle for her karate class. She mimics karate moves and falling on college principal apologizes calling him kaka. He says he is not kaka, he is principal of this college. She holds his feet and apologizes in her usual style. Malini returns and seeing her drama apologizes principal. Principal identifies Imlie and he never saw such an unique first day in college and says he and this college have a lot of expectations from her and she shouldn’t disappoint them.

Malini scolds Imlie for her jokergiri and says she will drop her to her classroom. Students stop Imlie and discuss about time table. She says its on the board. Another student drops water on Imlie’s head, and sindhoor drips from her hairline. Students laugh that Imlie is already married. Imlie scolds them. A lecturer says she is just 19 years old and is married at such an young age. Malini scolds Imlie for apply sindhoor again against her warning.

Nishant takes his medicine when Aparna and Taiji bring bread pakora for him and seeing medicines strip ask what is it. He says its multivitamin and enjoying his favorite bread pakora remembers them giving bad news last time when they fed him bread pakoras. They remember his girlfriend Pallavi and asks why don’t he marry her. He thinks he doesn’t know till how many years he will live, he doesn’t want Pallavi to serve him his remaining days and keep crying; says Pallavi must have already forgotten him. They both insist to marry Pallavi. He says he doesn’t want to feel the trouble like papa who cannot even enjoy his favorite songs. They scold him and walk away. He thinks he just wants to keep his family happy till he is alive.

Prakash wakes up in the morning and feels guilty reminiscing informing Mithi that Adi has 2 wives and has kept Imlie as a servant. He sees Mithi crying and says he lied under inebriation. She slaps him and says Adi, Imlie, Seeta Maiya betrayed her; she will not tolerate any more lies, how Imlie stays in her in-laws’ house if she doens’t stay there as a MIL/bahu. He reminisces Imlie telling him that she stays there as a servant and says she is staying here as a guest, says she told Adi started loving her now. She pours kerosene on herself and tries to burn herself alive. He stops her and calls Bindiya. Bindiya also holds her. She cries that her Imlie’s life is a lie adn she cannot see her in sorrow, so she will die. They both stop her again, Bindiya asks her to let Satyakam return and find out truth, she should support Imlie, etc.

Tripathi family discuss what gift they should give to Imlie. Nidhi suggests they should gift mobile to Imlie. Taiji backs her. Tauji jokes. All family members agree for mobile and wait for Imlie and Malini to return. Malini enters scolding Imlie for disobeying her and says her college students will rag her repeatedly, she was protecting her, etc. Nishant asks her to relax as Imlie must have done a mistake unknowingly. Malini says Imlie did it purposefully. Tauji asks what exactly happened. Malini says she applied sindhoor again, she had wiped her sindhoor before entering college and warned her not to apply it again, but she ignored her and applied it again. She asks Imlie how did she get sindhoor and finds her sindhoor bottle in Imlie’s bag. Aparna says Imlie is applying it as her village ritual. Rupal backs her. Malini reminds that she applied it during interview, during pooja, and daily now. Imlie apologizes her. Malini says she never obeys anyone and does whatever she likes, warns her to never apply it again and throws bottle away.


Imlie 20th April 2021 19th April 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Malini confronts Imlie and asks her to apply even her sindhoor and display it openly.

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Telecast Date:19th April 2021
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